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  • Landscape trees benefit from potassium-based superabsorbent polymer-amended backfill soil

    Weiner (1975) put it aptly when he stated that “However rewarding the act of tree planting may be, watching a young tree slowly die can be spiritually defeating.” Landscape plants, noted Richard Harris (1983) in his well-known “Arboriculture” book, “probably suffer more from moisture-related problems than from any other cause.” The success of tree planting ...


  • Vineland researchers develop new propagation trays

    Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (Vineland) is revolutionizing propagation  systems for the nursery sector through a tray design supporting superior tree root  growth. There is an increasing demand for container tree seedling ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Berry Planters

    Berry Planters

    Fruit planter machine DARIA is designed for an easy and fast planting of berry bushes on fruit farms. It is a universal, one-raw machine adapted to transplant shrubs of blackcurrants, red and yellow currants, gooseberries, chokeberries, haskap berries, saskatoon berries and other similar sized bushes. It can also be used to transplant small fruit trees.