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  • Hardwood Drying Floor
    Showcase Product

    Hardwood Drying Floor

    By Løkkes Maskinfabrik A/S

    For many years our business partner Welvent Ltd. has produced quality drying floor made from Malaysian hardwood. These wooden floors are the most durable on the market, and they are thoroughly tested by quality ...

  • Chests Longitudinal Wood Dryers
    Showcase Product

    Chests Longitudinal Wood Dryers

    By Lauber GmbH

    Simple loading of the long side by means of a side car. LAUBER cupboards are available in four cross sections with lengths from 3.3 to 6.3 m and pile area of 1.5 m3 up to 11.0 m3. Standard equipment is a special lifting ...

  • Drying Optimizer
    Showcase Product

    Drying Optimizer

    By Autolog, Production Management Inc.

    The Saptek Drying Optimizer provides a completely automatic method of sorting lumber into two groups based on moisture content. The overall results mean more uniform packages in terms of drying characteristics. ...

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Companies & Suppliers

  • Lodermeiers Inc.

    Lodermeiers Inc.

    Lodermeier’s Inc. of Goodhue, MN has been around for over sixty-five years offering an array of services accommodating the many needs of southern ...

  • Henan Bedo Machinery Equipment Co LTD

    Henan Bedo Machinery Equipment Co LTD

    Henan Bedo Machinery Equipment Co.,LTD was founded in 2005, specializing in machinery development, design, production and sales. The major products ...

  • AB AKRON-maskiner

    AB AKRON-maskiner

    AB AKRON-maskiner develops, manufactures and markets products within a number of fields. AKRON has over the years built a solid base of knowledge and ...

  • Lauber GmbH

    Lauber GmbH

    Lauber GmbH is a worldwide well-known and leading manufacturer of optimised and efficient dryers and your professional partner for the implementation ...

  • Whirlston Pellet Machinery

    Whirlston Pellet Machinery

    As a reliable and professional manufacturer, Whirlston has always been devoting itself to pellet production line and associate individual machines. ...