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  • Exergy analysis of a wood-stack during dehumidifier drying

    We present a first order model of airflow within the wood stack of a timber dryer during the constant-rate drying period, allowing the exergy destruction and entropy generation rates to be determined for heat, mass and momentum transfer. The effects of varying timber stack and airflow variables on the entropy generation rate are determined. We find that heat transfer is the dominant contribution ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Wood Boring Beetles Dryer

    Wood Boring Beetles Dryer

     Wood-boring beetles - powder post beetles, deathwatch beetles, drywood termites. How to treat woodworm?. Microwave powder post beetle treatment. The method is completely harmless. Operating Shashel Microwave equipment is carried out by remote control. It leaves no traces of chemical contamination. The service is available throughout the year. For household use.