Wood Moisture Monitoring

Equipment & Solutions

  • Grain Angle Meter
    Showcase Product

    Grain Angle Meter

    By Metriguard Technologies

    The Model 511 Grain Angle Meter measures grain angle in wood as the direction of maximum dielectric permittivity projected onto a flat surface of the wood relative to a reference direction. The Model 511 consist of a ...

  • Timber Moisture Tester
    Showcase Product

    Timber Moisture Tester

    By Domosystem

    Wood moisture meter and its temperature probe. This timber moisture tester is designed for measuring framework, sawn lumber, slicing wood as well as wood panels.

  • Forklift-Loaded Chamber Kilns
    Showcase Product

    Forklift-Loaded Chamber Kilns

    By Heinola Sawmill Machinery Inc

    Forklift-loaded chamber kilns are designed for drying small packages regardless of dimensions, timber species and required moisture content. State-of-the art automation ensures a fully-controlled drying process and the ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • AgraTronix


    AgraTronix, a Northeast Ohio business, has been a leader in the electronic moisture sensing instrumentation and energized fencing systems industry ...

  • Merlin Technology GmbH

    Merlin Technology GmbH

    Merlin as a specialist for humidification systems and measuring devices, Merlin Technology GmbH, whose roots go back to 1995, stands for excellent ...