Wood Testing

Equipment & Solutions

  • Wood Integrity Testing System
    Showcase Product

    Wood Integrity Testing System

    By Profound BV

    The WOODPECKER is a professional, non-destructive tool for testing wood. The WOODPECKER measures the integrity of wood, specified in the number of millimeters that the striker pin has invaded the wood. This integrity ...

  • Wood Test Hammer
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    Wood Test Hammer

    By Novatest Srl

    WOODTESTER a measuring tool to analyze wood quality. The WOODTESTER mechanical test hammer for wood is the only instrument available on the market for analyzing the mechanical properties of wooden elements on site. ...

  • Wood Humidity Tester
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    Wood Humidity Tester

    By PCE Instruments

    The PCE-WMH3 humidity tester is an electronic instrument which is used to determine absolute humidity of wood. The humidity tester has a very solid hammer shape. The PCE-WMH3 humidity tester with temperature ...