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  • Navel Orangeworm Management at Hull Split

    Navel Orangeworm Management at Hull Split

    With navel orangeworm (NOW) monitoring well underway in the Central Valley, it’s time to review your spray strategy for the 2020 season. While percent damage in previous seasons can give you a sense of how successful your NOW management program was, it can be hard to find the answers when things don’t go according to plan. Looking at how your sprays were timed, relative to the ...

  • Late Spring Almond Irrigation

    Late Spring Almond Irrigation

    Late spring (late April to early June) is an important time in almond orchard development. During this time, the almond embryo is developing into a mature kernel. At this point in the season, proper ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Metal Chips Briquetting System

    Metal Chips Briquetting System

    The BM-160 briquetting system is one horizontal press used to comapct chips is able to compact small particles material such as metal turnings and swarfs without shredding. the briquetting press which including the opening pressing box,which allow feeding big size steel turnings.our machines also comes the hydraulic drive feeding metal chips device,which can feed the steel shavings ...