Almonds Farming

Equipment & Solutions

  • Steam Peeler
    Showcase Product

    Steam Peeler

    By TOMRA Sorting GmbH

    TOMRA’s Orbit steam peeling machine is an industry leading steam peeler that offers fast cycle times, gentle product handling while operating at a range of different steam pressures, low or high.

  • Single 40` Diameter Axial-flow Fan
    Showcase Product

    Single 40` Diameter Axial-flow Fan

    By Nelson Mfg. Co., Inc.

    The NELSON HARDIE 4000P PTO-drive sprayer, with 40` diameter fan, will provide excellent spray coverage in most orchards with trees up to 40 feet tail. `he 4000P is great for almonds, pistachios, cherries, pears, ...

  • 40` Diameter Reinforced Composite Axial Fan Orchard Sprayer
    Showcase Product

    40` Diameter Reinforced Composite Axial Fan Orchard Sprayer

    By Nelson Mfg. Co., Inc.

    NELSON HARDIE® Super 40 engine-drive air-blast sprayer provides exceptional coverage in medium-height trees such as pistachios and almonds, taller trees like hedge-row walnuts and crops with heavy foliage, like ...

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Companies & Suppliers

  • Australian Almond Growers` Association (AAGA)

    Australian Almond Growers` Association (AAGA)

    Initially established in 1985 as the Australian Almond Growers` Association (AAGA), the association was restructured and renamed in 2002 as the ...

  • Crackadamia


    In the mid 1990’s my father, then working as a senior design engineer built the first machine to process the nuts from our own orchard. After some ...

  • FACMA s.r.l.

    FACMA s.r.l.

    FACMA S.R.L., established in 1971, is located in Vitorchiano (VT) Italy and deals with the design, construction and sale of agricultural machines for ...

  • Exact Corporation

    Exact Corporation

    At Exact, we build harvesting equipment made by farmers, for farmers. As a farmer, you need equipment that is innovative, durable, and increases your ...

  • José Borrell S.A.

    José Borrell S.A.

    BORRELL manufactures machinery for processing almonds for over 80 years, our solutions are unique and one of the best in the industry. Our lines ...