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Apple Farming equipment for Horticulture

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    Krauss-Maffei - Model VZU - Vertical Basket Centrifuge

    The Krauss-Maffei VZU vertical basket centrifuge has been specifically designed for processing intermediate products in the pharmaceutical, food, and fine chemicals industries. With minimum product loss, optimum cleanability, minimum dead zone design, and inspection capability. The requirements established for minimum product loss, such as optimum ...

    By ANDRITZ Separation - ANDRITZ Group based in Graz, AUSTRIA. from Vertical Basket Centrifuge Product line

  • Cosine - Novel Fungicide

    An emulsion in water formulation containing 50 g/l cyflufenamid for the control of powdery mildew in apples and pears.

    By Certis UK based in Great Abington, UNITED KINGDOM. from Novel Fungicide Product line

  • Apple - Model 210 - Telescopic Bushcutters

    Solid and compact. Suitable for those who must work both right and left into narrow spaces, bypassing road signs and guardrails. From the driver's seat, with a simple command, you can work both left and right and reverse the sense of rotation of the rotor. Model available with quick couplings version or independent hydraulic system.

    By Orsi Group S.r.l. based in Mascarino di Castello d`Argile, ITALY. from Telescopic Bushcutters Product line

  • Uniprim - Antibiotics

    UNIPRIM is an FDA approved, fast-acting, powerful antibiotic for horses used to treat a wide spectrum of bacterial infections. A combination of 67 mg trimethoprim and 333 mg sulfadiazine per gram provides effective antibacterial activity. UNIPRIM was designed specifically for horses and is cost-effective when compared to other competitors.

    By Neogen Corporation based in Lansing, MICHIGAN (USA). from Antibiotics Product line

  • Drosophila Suzukii - Selective Trap for Monitoring and Massive Trapping

    Red Colored Traps Specific for Drosophila Suzukii. Vaso Trap: selective trap for monitoring and massive trapping. Tap Trap: trap for massive capture.

    By Tap Trap based in Bosconero, ITALY.

  • Partridge Medium Output Cider Apple Harvester

    100 Ton per day. 800mm Twin drive web pick up. 2 Cleaning ploughs with power feeder. Independent hydraulic system. Hydraulic lift conveyor. Built in fan. side sweep.

    By Pattenden Machinery Ltd based in Ledbury, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • ISOMATE - Model C TT - Mating

    Mating disruption product for Cydia pomonella.

    By Biogard a Division of CBC (Europe) S.r.l. based in Grassobbio (BG), ITALY. from Mating Product line

  • AgTec - Model GS2 - Air Blast Sprayers

    New from AgTec, the GS-2 is designed short, narrow, and compact specifically for grapes and blueberries. It can also be used in dwarf apples. It uses the same time tested and proven AgTec technology which makes our sprayers so durable and reliable. It’s unique design makes it a smart and economical choice for small to medium sized growers. ...

    By Superb Horticulture/AgTec based in Plymouth, INDIANA (USA). from Air Blast Sprayers Product line

  • Apple Environmental Meth Remover

    One box of Apple Environmental Meth Remover contains 5 gallons of product.  At $199.00 per box that equals $39.80 per gallon. Five gallons treats up to 2000 square feet depending on environmental conditions. One 2.5 gallon jug - Apple Environmental Meth Remover Part 1, One 2.5 gallon jug - Apple Environmental Meth Remover Part 2 per box. When ...

    By AEI Decon - an Apple Environmental Company based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Apple Environmental Meth Remover Product line

  • Droso - Pheromone Traps

    Biobest has conducted trials to develop a reliable and selective method of trappingDrosophila suzukii. Our DROSO TRAP® has, therefore, been specifically selected for efficient attraction of drosophila. Once adults are trapped inside the Droso trap they eventually will be drowned in the liquid attractant. The main attractant of this ...

    By Biobest NV based in Westerlo, BELGIUM. from Pheromone Traps Product line

  • eQuine - High Performance Animal Cleanser

    eQuine Wash is a high performance animal cleanser that is formulated for horses, cows, farm animals, and most pets. It leaves the hair soft and shiny, and is excellent for animials with mange, rain rot, sensitive skin, skin allergies, eczema, flea bites, sun burn, clipper irritation or hot spots. Without abrasives or salt, eQuine Wash loosens dirt ...

    By ecoSolv Technologies, LLC based in Chesapeake, VIRGINIA (USA).

  • Green Apple / Bubble Gum - Deodorizer

    Green Apple / Bubble Gum is a water based product and biodegradable. Green Apple/ Bubble Gum is an odor control agent that will eliminate odors caused by bacteria, mildew, smoke food etc. and leave behind a pleasant masking smell of either Green Apple, Bubble Gum or Jasmine. Green Apple/Bubble Gum can be used straight or diluted up to 5:1 in water ...

    By Jayne Products, Inc. based in Carson, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Green Apple / Bubble Gum - Deodorizer Product line

  • Proferfol - Model Vital-49 - Potash

    Proferfol Vital-49 is specially suited to increase crops resistance against climatologic adversities: frost and extended dryness. Its special chemical and organic composition avoids crops transpiration and cracking (cherry, apple, tomato, and prune). For glasshouses and transplantation crops, it avoids humidity leakage, in order to get ...

    By Cam-Ferti, S.L. based in Zaragoza, SPAIN. from Potash Product line

  • Kerian - Sort Products

    The Kerian Sizer will quickly and accurately sort most products (fruits, vegetables or nuts) by size. Twelve standard models are designed for different capacities and from two to ten sizes, and by varying the type of roller and several other details the Kerian Sizer is customized for each application. We look forward to engineering exactly what ...

    By Kerian Machines Inc. based in Grafton, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Sort Products Product line

  • PB/DBR - Vacuum System

    PB/DBR – With the vacuum system, the apples are places into a small, lightweight bucket-style inlet with no apple-to-apple contact all the way into the bin.  This reduces bruising, as one entire handling/operational procedure is eliminated. Others – With a picking bag, apples are placed on top of other apples and then dumped into ...

    By DBR Conveyor Concepts, LLC (DBR) based in Conklin, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • SmarTOUCH - Bin Filler - Fruit Packing System

    From novel transport tubes, to innovative dry bin fillers, to next generation scanning and sorting, the industry is ready to transform how packing plants are designed and operated. Over the past few years, we have elicited significant feedback from the tree fruit industry (i.e., packing houses, growers and industry associations) that identified ...

    By Whooshh Innovations LLC based in Belllevue, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Probodelt - Model 0010 - Ammonium Attractant Ceratitis

    Food attractant of adults (specially females) for Ceratitis capitata. The components of the attractant (ammonium acetate, trimethylamine and diaminalkane) are contained in an packet with one breathable side. The main advantages are: 

    By Probodelt based in SPAIN. from Ammonium Attractant Ceratitis Product line

  • Model K5 - All-Round Lifting Platform

    The K5 all-round lifting platform is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. With its platform height of up to 2.70 metres, the K5 offers comfortable working, either when opening/closing hail nets or during harvesting operations. The patented crate emptying system, already used in its predecessor, the K4 model, automatically lowers and ...

    By Windegger Maschinen GmbH based in Lana South Tyrol, ITALY.

  • Hectare - Model FA45 - Apple Picker , Machine for apple harvesting

    This product is suitable for harvesting of apple and pears. It has two rings which picks fruit and moves upside down, mimicking the hand movements used for fruit picking.Picks fruits with stalkNo dropping and touchingEasy to pick from bunchesNo need to climb on treefor video

  • Cromar - Plant Biostimulant

    cromar contains natural compounds named fructans, which are chains of oligosaccharides of fructose with an action based mainly on alleviating or minimising the effects of high temperatures on the denaturation of anthocyanins.

    By Lida Plant Research S.L. based in Almussafes, SPAIN. from Plant Biostimulant Product line

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