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  • Trailers
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    By Perard

    Plat-O-Sol STD trailers are ideal for transporting farm machinery, or for vineyard or arboricultural use. Retractable hydraulic front prop stand for loading from the front. Two single-acting cylinders at the rear ensure ...

  • Soluble NPK Fertilizer
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    Soluble NPK Fertilizer

    By Bures Profesional, S.A.

    SOLUPLANT is a highly soluble NPK fertilizer that can be adapted to any irrigation system, and it is especially suitable for fertirrigation. The SOLUPLANT range is enriched with microelements, most of them in chelated ...

  • Cone Anti-Drift Venturi
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    Cone Anti-Drift Venturi

    By ALBUZ

    80° angle at 5 bar. Air-induction hollow cone nozzle (Venturi system) spraying large drops filled with air bubbles which do not drift and explode into fine droplets in contact with the plant. ALBUZ durable pink ...

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  • Training

    By ACRT, Inc.

    One of the core competencies of ACRT is training. We place a high value on sharing with our clients ...


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    Urban Forests and Trees

    This book covers all aspects of planning, designing, establishing and managing forests and trees and forests in and near urban areas. The ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Fuelwood (Warwick) Ltd

    Fuelwood (Warwick) Ltd

    Fuelwood (Warwick) Ltd design, manufacture, distribute and service professional machinery for the high volume production of kindling wood, firewood ...

  • INFACO s.a.s

    INFACO s.a.s

    In 1984, M. Daniel DELMAS invented the World's first electric pruning shear, the ELECTROCOUP. He then went on to create INFACO (Innovation, ...

  • George Carr & Sons

    George Carr & Sons

    George Carr & Sons is a family run business with over 150 years experience in selling & servicing garden equipment. As one of the largest garden ...

  • Tree Radar, Inc.

    Tree Radar, Inc.

    Much like an MRI solves a critical medical need for very high-resolution, non-invasive imaging of the body, the Tree Radar Unit (TRU™) radar imaging ...

  • Landpower Machinery

    Landpower Machinery

    Landpower Machinery is a family run company specialising in arboricultural machinery and PPE, based near Wincanton, Somerset - your local Timberwolf ...