Asparagus Farming

Equipment & Solutions

  • Asparagus Harvester
    Showcase Product

    Asparagus Harvester

    By C. Peveling GmbH & Co. KG

    Only with the dam Molly can be relaxed during the harvest and dammed again. The same applies to short shoots in the harvest. The dam can store up to 65 cm height can be dammed.Improve the quality of asparagus.In many ...

  • Asparagus Clod
    Showcase Product

    Asparagus Clod

    By ANGIER S.A.S International

    By command and for some producers, we can propose asparagus clods. We have developped a multiplication process specific to asparagus clods.

  • Fullwrapping Asparagus
    Showcase Product

    Fullwrapping Asparagus

    By Rotaris Marketing GmbH

    Only too often, first class asparagus has long lost its freshness when it finally arrives on the consumer’s table. FRESHBAG® is the innovative and simple solution for transport and storage of asparagus. ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Oraka Graders Ltd.

    Oraka Graders Ltd.

    ORAKA is a New Zealand company that had it`s beginnings as a small family agricultural operation. The main product has been machinery for grading of ...