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  • Sabre Tine Case Study

    Sabre Tine Case Study

    Ben Atkinson, J. E. Atkinson & Son, Lincolnshire`The Tillso Sabre range of subsoiler legs are intelligently designed and highly engineered to create a perfectly structured subsoil without unnecessarily disturbing the surface. Surely a situation we are all trying to achieve. In the past we all too easily destroyed the benefits of subsoiling with subsequent operations trying to produce

  • HydroFLOW and Baker Produce - Case Study

    HydroFLOW and Baker Produce - Case Study

    Baker Produce grow different varieties of Apples, cherries, asparagus and potatoes in Washington State. The water heaters used to wash the produce were becoming heavily scaled. ResultsOne HydroFLOW ...


  • Controlled ‘reset’ for nematode-infested soil

    Controlled ‘reset’ for nematode-infested soil

    Harmful nematodes that damage the soil can be controlled by creating an environment in which they are temporarily deprived of oxygen. Covering the soil with plastic film or a layer of water encourages anaerobic bacteria to produce fatty acids, which ...

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