Berry Farming

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  • Field Mounted Sprayer
    Showcase Product

    Field Mounted Sprayer

    By TAD-LEN

    Orchard mounted sprayer  can also have tank capacity 500l, 600l, 800l, 1000l.

  • Currants Stubber
    Showcase Product

    Currants Stubber

    By JAGODA JPS Agromachines

    Currant rootstocks stubber is designed for grinding rootstocks of bushes after prior removal of the parts above the ground. This way the field for new seedlings can be prepared much faster. Currant stubber KRET has a ...

  • Blueberry Sunshine Blue
    Showcase Product

    Blueberry Sunshine Blue

    By Trehane Nursery

    A highly ornamental blueberry, forming a neat, compact bush with blue-green leaves that makes a good container plant for the patio. Bright pink flowers set well to give a prolific crop that may need thinning to avoid ...

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