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  • Intelligent raspberry harvest

    Intelligent raspberry harvest

    If you read this article this means that you are either already involved or planing to be involved in raspberry growing bussines. This article wil help you understend ideaa of harvesting technology raspberries growing without supports. NATALIA-V  and NATALKA are designed to harvest fruit for processing industry and freezing. Harvesting  TECHNOLOGY The technology ...

  • Growing currants and other berries organically

    Growing currants and other berries organically

    Northern of Latvia is region where there are relatively many crops with ecological berry plantations – including currants. As a company, we had the opportunity to personally see it in June this ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Rotary Cutters Shredder

    Rotary Cutters Shredder

    The rotary cutters shredder machine JAGODA PLUS is produced in version 1.8 meter. This model is popular both in the orchard and in the berry bushes plantations. The body is made of metal sheet and a cutting element of the rotating rotor blades and one counter blade. This allows to crumble the mowing mass as well as shredding branches up to 30 mm in diameter.