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  • Intelligent raspberry harvest

    Intelligent raspberry harvest

    If you read this article this means that you are either already involved or planing to be involved in raspberry growing bussines. This article wil help you understend ideaa of harvesting technology raspberries growing without supports.NATALIA-V  and NATALKA are designed to harvest fruit for processing industry and freezing.Harvesting  TECHNOLOGY


  • BEI demise spurs race to fill blueberry harvester void

    When BEI International, a South Haven, Michigan, agriculture equipment supplier, went defunct last April, it left several growers throughout the country without their promised harvesting equipment and parts, and with little hope of recouping their ...

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  • Aronia Berry Harvester

    Aronia Berry Harvester

    ARONIC is a harvesting machine designed to collect aronia berries, also known as chokeberries, and it is a modified version of our versatile product – the half-row berry harvester JAREK5. Aronia harvesting machine ARONIC  is equipped with one shaker with increased vibration energy and changed slides for shrubs. Because of the higher yield of chokeberry in relation to currant, ...