Cherry Farming

Articles & Whitepapers

  • AFE is avoiding damage to cherries with laser bird repellent - Case Study

    Location: San Carlos, Chillán, Maule Region, ChileApplication context: Agriculture, Cherry farmProblem definition: Birds destroying and eating cherriesBird species: Sparrows (passeridae) and thrushes (Turdidae)Time of the year with bird problems: November 15 – January 5Time of the day with bird problems: All dayNumber of systems:


  • Maja automatic – Cherry on top

    Maja automatic – Cherry on top

    Poland is one of the main sour cherry producer in Europe and on the world. What do you have to do if want to be successful? Experience, knowledge and appropriate atmospheric conditions is the basis. Innovative approach to carrying out intense cherry ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Food Sorting Machine

    Food Sorting Machine

    The Helius free-fall sorting machine provides an optical sorting solution for a huge amount of food applications. Dry product processors benefit from TOMRA`s Helius P sorter, specialised in sorting free flowing dry products such as seeds, rice, nuts, grains and many more.