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  • Harvesters
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    By Tekna Srl

    The TK 95 R harvester is the ideal machine for small-scale users, combining economy with harvesting efficiency. This is a self propelled machine designed to harvest olives, chestnuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc.

  • Wild Harvesting Machine
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    Wild Harvesting Machine

    By GF Costruzioni Macchine Agricole Srl

    The 2500 wild harvesting machine is a machine to be installed on all types of tractors for harvesting of hazelnuts, walnuts, chestnuts, olives, almonds, coffee, I did not understand, and all the fruit on the ground.

  • Double Frame Pulled Air Sprayers
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    Double Frame Pulled Air Sprayers

    By Tifone s.r.l.

    The Storm Personal line is characterized by its Double Frame, granting it sturdiness and indestructibility. TIFONE Air sprayers with Double Frame, complete Keel, Mud scrapers, Sucking Probe for Pesticides dosing in ...

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  • Flory Industries

    Flory Industries

    Flory Industries is considered the leader in the field of nut-harvesting equipment, with sales worldwide for harvesting almonds, cashews, chestnuts, ...

  • Monchiero & C. Snc

    Monchiero & C. Snc

    As manufacturers and distributors of quality machinery and services, we operate with expertise and professionalism in the farming and forestry ...

  • De Cloet srl

    De Cloet srl

    Our company was born in CittĂ  di Castello, Umbria, as a workshop for metalworking and creation of a wide range of products for agriculture and ...

  • M-B Companies, Inc.

    M-B Companies, Inc.

    M-B Companies, Inc. is dedicated to being the leader in performance, reliability and customer service, as it has since 1907. M-B has enjoyed steady ...

  • AMB Rousset

    AMB Rousset

    AMB Rousset is a French company, market leader in agricultural machinery. It designs, manufactures and sells materials for the fruits’ harvesting and ...