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Citrus Farming equipment for Horticulture

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    TOMRA - Model Halo - Food Sorting Equipment

    The Halo is a sensor based optical food sorting solution for many fruits and vegetables. The Halo is a high-performance machine sorting on size and quality, thus ensuring and improving food safety.

    By TOMRA Sorting GmbH based in Asker, NORWAY. from Food Sorting Equipments Product line

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    Jenfitch - Control Citrus Cankers

    One of the major issues facing citrus fruit growers is a disease that effects the trees called citrus cankers. JC9450 has been used to effectively control the growth and infectious nature of citrus cankers. By increasing the oxidative energy in the root system and around the leaf & stem area, JC 9450 will fortify the plant’s natural ...

    By Jenfitch, LLC based in Walnut Creek, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Food Safety & Preservation Product line

  • BBJ - Model MMR II - Mold & Mildew Remover

    To stop mold growing you have to kill it first. BBJ Mold and Mildew remover is the most powerful of commercial mold removal products. It is a disinfectant and cleaning agent that removes unsightly black mold streaks on wall, ceilings, diffusers and other non-porous hard surfaces. Our Commercial Mold Removal Products are: EPA  registered ...

    By BBJ Environmental based in Riverview, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Indogulf BioAg - Bloom Up (Anti-Transpirant)

    BLOOM UP is a new-generation, reflective form of anti-transpirant cum anti-stress product. It is based on long chain fatty alcohol derived from non-edible vegetable oil. It Imparts drought tolerance to crops by preventing excessive water loss from plants. Does not interfere in the normal automatic activities and photosynthetic. Overall, it ...

    By Indogulf BioAg based in Mumbai, INDIA.

  • Airtec - Citrus & Orchard Sprayers

    Orchard Sprayers The Airtec Orchard Sprayer uses the same low volume spraying technology as the other sprayer models offered by Airtec. This machine creates 180 mph wind speed out each one of our signature nozzles pushing the spray material in and around the tree getting great penetration through out the whole canopy. Airtec Orchard sprayers have ...

    By Airtec Sprayers, Inc. based in Winter Haven, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Citrus Budwood Scion Variaties

    Over 160 varieties of Citrus Budwood Scion available: Blood OrangeValenciaGrapefruit and PummeloLemon and LimeRound OrangeMandarins and ClementinesNavelsKumquat

    By Marei Nursery based in QALYUBIA, EGYPT.

  • Blue Sparkle - Fabric Softener

    Our original Blue Sparkle scent is a fresh, clean blend of white floral and bright green citrus notes that snuggle up to warm woody notes and soft musk for a comforting, long-lasting freshness your family will love. Additionally, Snuggle Fresh release technology ensures your fabrics stay fresh for 30 days.

    By Sun Products Corporation based in Wilton, CONNECTICUT (USA).

  • Golden Harvest Plus - Unique Suspension Liquid Foliar Fertilizer

    Golden Harvest Plus is a unique suspension liquid foliar fertilizer (5-18-2) with high levels of micronutrients (B, Co, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, Zn) designed to supplement soilapplied fertilizer for prevention of nutrient deficiencies. It has a pH of 1 to 1.5. Golden Harvest Plus is designed to supplement a soil fertilizer program, not replace it. Frequent ...

    By StollerUSA based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • AminoA - Model PRO - Highly Concentrated Natural Biostimulant

    AminoA Pro is a natural micro-granulated formula, completely water soluble, obtained through enzymatic hydrolysis using high quality, stringently selected sources that guarantee the final product meets the highest quality standards.

    By AminoA Ltd based in Cardiff, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Raccoglirami - Rake

    CESARI rake is the perfect tool for quickly and efficiently clearing of all pruning after cutting in orchards, vineyard, olive and citrus plantations with a width of least 3 metres.

    By Cesari based in Boschi di Baricella (Bologna), ITALY.

  • ATOM - Model 2000 / 1000 - Self-propelled Sprayer

    TOM is the specific machine for the professional management of the spraying. ATOM offers the driver a full protection, also when working under canopy shaped orchards or vineyards. Atom sprayer can work on any type of ground conditions and on steep slope. The compact and smooth contour of the fiberglass body and the very low height allow spraying ...

    By A & A Holdings Pty Ltd based in Carmel Western, AUSTRALIA.

  • Neostren - Plant Biostimulant

    Biostimulant to prevent physiopathies resulting from a lack of calcium assimilation that affect the skin of fruit in horticultural crops, fruit trees, table grapes and grapevine. neostren improves calcium uptake by and mobility through the cuticles, by optimising the osmotic potential of cells. This ensures better permeability of the ...

    By Lida Plant Research S.L. based in Almussafes, SPAIN. from Plant Biostimulants Product line

  • Essential Oil Cold Press Machine

    Most of the citrus essential oils are not resistant to the heat of distillation and will destroy its essence during the extraction process. To ensure the quality of citrus essential oil, our essential oil extractor adopts cold-pressing method. It applies to different citrus fruits like oranges, navel oranges, lemons and grapefruits. The essential ...

    By Nongle Farming Machinery Co., Ltd. based in Kaifeng City, CHINA. from Citrus Essential Oil Machine Product line

  • KeyPlex - Model 1000 DP - Formulation of Micro Nutrients

    KeyPlex 1000 DP is a formulation of micro-nutrients most often found deficient in commercial crops and trees. It contains alpha-keto acids, which may facilitate utilization of micronutrients, and increase resistance to environmental stress. It also contains humic acid, which may enhance soil micronutrient availability.

    By KeyPlex based in Winter Park, FLORIDA (USA). from 1000 Series Enhancers & Grid Series Product line

  • Aliramas - Model T-ALI-SR - Trailer Mounted Biomass Mulcher

    The ALIRAMAS SR mulcher is specially designed to shred all kinds of pruned branches from trees such as almond, citrus and olive. The mulcher is designed to shred with the tractor in forward drive, with a double double pick-up feeder to pass the branches into the shredding chamber. This model is ideal for the most demanding farmers with large ...

    By Picursa based in Tauste, SPAIN. from Olive Biomass Mulchers Product line

  • DPG - Model (0-0-42) - Potassium Plus Fertilizer

    DPG Potassium Plus is a highly concentrated source of potassium (42% as K2O) that can be used to provide readily available potassium to all types of crops including: nuts, vegetables and fruits. The formulation contains very high levels of soil-beneficial carbon-based, organic material (40%). As a result, this easy to apply, unique formulation has ...

    By Deerpoint Group, Inc based in Madera, CALIFORNIA (USA). from DPG Macro & Macro/Micro Fertilizer Blends Product line

  • DPG - Model 0-21-0 Plus 1.0% Zn - Phosphorus Fertilizer

    DPG 0-21-0 Plus 1.0% Zn is a concentrated source of phosphorus (21% as P2O5), but also has the benefit of a chelated zinc (1.0% as Zn) in a single formulation. Besides the readily available phosphorus, this formulation can be used correct soils and tissues which have a zinc deficiency on all types of crops including: nuts, vegetables and fruits. ...

    By Deerpoint Group, Inc based in Madera, CALIFORNIA (USA). from DPG Macro & Macro/Micro Fertilizer Blends Product line

  • Storm Personal Line - Double Frame Pulled Air Sprayers

    The Storm Personal line is characterized by its Double Frame, granting it sturdiness and indestructibility. TIFONE Air sprayers with Double Frame, complete Keel, Mud scrapers, Sucking Probe for Pesticides dosing in Security and others.

    By Tifone s.r.l. based in Cassana, ITALY. from Agricultural Air Sprayers Product line

  • Phocon - Balanced Foliar Nutrient

    Phocon is a balanced foliar nutrient that can be extremely effective in enhancing maturity when applied at conditions of optimum plant growth. Phocon contains special Actagro Organic Acids, extracted from leonardite, and refined through Actagro's unique proprietary manufacturing process.

    By Actagro LLC based in Fresno, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Primary Nutrients Product line

  • Bicco - Model BIO 2001 - Biopesticides

    BICCO AGRO PRODUCTS proudly introduce this new plant based biocide in agriculture to bring into reality the dream of a prosperous 21st century toxic free agriculture. We do not wish to sound too pompous, but this novel pesticide, based on Furoflavone from Karanjin, will provide the best of Biological Management of pests and diseases in ...

    By Bicco Agro Products Pvt. Ltd. based in Calcutta, INDIA. from Biopesticides Product line

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