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  • Thern’s Winches in Waterfront Operations

    Thern’s Winches in Waterfront Operations

    The Mosaic Company, founded in 2004 by a merger of IMC Global and Cargill’s crop nutrition division, is the largest producer of Potash and phosphate in the United States. The Mosaic Company, located in Tampa Bay, Florida, helps the world grow the food it needs by mining and manufacturing potash and phosphate, used for fertilizer. They take great pride in developing high

  • What is Agro-Z Soil Additive Growth Media?

    What is Agro-Z Soil Additive Growth Media?

    How it is used as a soil additive to enhance plant growth for agriculture/horticulture companies?Plants can be demanding in the best of times. Anyone from first time gardeners to experienced farmers ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Copper Knapsack Biodynamic Sprayer

    Copper Knapsack Biodynamic Sprayer

    Copper tank and painted metal base. Biodynamic sprayer capacity 16 liters. Equipped with start-up lever on left side. Removable brass and copper pumping unit. Oval lid and oval sieve with brass net. Stainless steel valve 11 mm. Rubber hose, reinforced adjustable straps and shoulder pack. Standard equipment: spray gun with switch-operated cock and brass cartridge + mignon nozzle + prolonged conic ...