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  • Harvesting your fish / Aquaculture

    Harvesting your fish / Aquaculture

    With good management, your fish should be ready to harvest within six to nine months after stocking. By this time, tilapia should have reached a size of approximately 250-300g and catfish a size of 250-500g, depending on their size at stocking, the density at which they were stocked, and water temperatures during the growing period. Preparing for the harvest Make marketing ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Frost Buster Machine

    Frost Buster Machine

    Don’t look for a cheaper protection per hectare because you will find none. Even more, the Frostbuster has several advantages compared to other frost protection systems: you can protect your crops in places where no water is available, or protect fruit which cannot be protected with water. It can be used not only during radiation frost but also during wind frost, and a lot of farmers use ...