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  • Flower Box Production

    Flower Box Production

    In recent years, the flower box has quickly captured the market as a form of flower gift expression that has arisen in the future. Even it has now split the market with a long history of bouquets. The flower box has many irreplaceable advantages compared to the bouquet, which makes it one of the products that the merchant pushes. From the customer's point of view, the flower box is small and ...

  • Flower Box Storage And Precautions

    Flower Box Storage And Precautions

    1. Flower gift box After receiving the flower gift box, you need to open the gift box cover to facilitate the flowers to breathe. There is flower mud at the bottom of the flower box package. ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Hand-Tied Bouquets Machine

    Hand-Tied Bouquets Machine

    Hand-tied bouquets conveyor fitted with 38 construction devices to make up to 800 bouquets bound and cut per hour. An integrated computer software stores all created recipes and displays on each workstations a simple production step.