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  • Notes on mixing foliar fertilizer and pesticide in organic fertilizer machine factory

    As an efficient foliar spray fertilizer, foliar fertilizer accounts for a large proportion in the field of top dressing. How to mix foliar fertilizer and pesticide in the actual use process? What are the precautions in the mixing process? Next, Zhengzhou Tianci organic fertilizer machine factory will introduce you 1. Make sure that there is no c

  • How to solve the problem of fertilizer caking?

    The longer the fertilizer is placed, the easier it is to agglomerate. The shorter the time is, the less easy it is to agglomerate. In order to prevent caking, we should pay attention to the following ...


  • PerCarb now approved in California

    As of July 25, 2019, BioSafe Systems’ PerCarb has been approved for use in the state of California by the Department of Pesticide Regulation.PerCarb is an EPA-registered, 0-hour REI, broad-spectrum bactericide/fungicide designed to treat and ...

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  • Foliar Fertilizer

    Foliar Fertilizer

    Foliar applications are used for targeted input at key growth stages. By spraying directly onto the crop, nutrient availability can be controlled and soil interaction avoided. Foliar sprays are particularly useful for accurately applying relatively low doses of micronutrients. However major and secondary nutrients are sprayed at key growth stages to supplement soil-applied nutrients, for example ...