Fruit Cleaning

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  • Top 10 Tips To Improve Plant Quality

    1) Venting – it’s crucial to keep air movement and temperatures at the optimum levels. 2) Watering at the right times – and just importantly in the correct fashion! Make sure plants are grown nearby those with similar needs so plants with a need for a lot of water will be apart from those with dryer needs. 3) Keep roots strong – as fertilizers are applied and plants grow, ...

  • Reference: Apples fresh from the wash

    Just in time for the apple harvest: a Polish fruit and vegetable processing plant has opted for technical support in the form of a ProMinent chlorine dioxide system for the efficient treatment of the ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Automatic Harvester

    Automatic Harvester

    MAJA harvesters are indispensable machines for collecting sour cherries and plums. Model MAJA AUTOMATIC- TS is equipped with automatic folding and unfolding, telescopic screen. This solution allows to reduce number of operating personnel. Efficient cleaning unit allows collecting high quality of fruits. Used technical solution allows for individual adjustment  width of screen for Yours ...