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  • Bird Netting - Structural, Heavy Duty BirdNet
    Showcase Product

    Bird Netting - Structural, Heavy Duty BirdNet

    By Bird-X Inc.

    1/2″ Heavy Duty Netting seals birds and other pests out. Physically blocks pests from entering, roosting, nesting, feeding, and causing damage.

  • Bird Netting
    Showcase Product

    Bird Netting

    By Bird-X Inc.

    3/4″ Polyethylene Netting blocks birds from entering. Seal birds and other pests out of desired areas – permanently. Bird netting is strong enough to stand up to large animals including deer, coyotes, and ...

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    Fruits is a scientific journal for original articles and reviews on fruit crops in temperate, Mediterranean, subtropical and tropical regions. Frui

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    Fruit and Vegetable Diseases

    During the past twentieth century, plant pathology has witnessed a dramatic advancement in management of plant diseases through in-depth ...