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  • Fruit Fly Attractant
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    Fruit Fly Attractant

    By Koppert B.V.

    2.5 litres of luring substance in a plastic container. Moskisan fly trap. Canister to reduce size of opening.

  • Fly Traps
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    Fly Traps

    By Probodelt

    Within the processes of continuous improvement, Probodelt SL presents a new version of the fly trap Hemitrap. HEMITRAP is the fruit fly trap, specially designed for liquid attractants, that became commercially available ...

  • Anastrepha Ludens
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    Anastrepha Ludens

    By Bayer Crop Science AG

    The adult (7-11 mm; 0.27-0.43 inch in length) is a little larger than a housefly and yellowish-brown in color. The female has a very noticeable ovipositor. The larvae are white maggots, up to 12 mm (0.47 inch) in ...

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  • Probodelt


    Probodelt was born in 1995 with the objective of designing and carrying out programs for a reasonable sensible pest control. Since the very ...