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  • How to make organic fertilizer in winter simply

    How to make organic fertilizer in winter simply

    We can make organic fertilizer from the waste after daily use, so what are the simple ways to make organic fertilizer? Next, Zhengzhou Tianci fertilizer factory will introduce several common organic fertilizer fermentation methods. These fermentation methods are simple and do not require professional 


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  • Fruit Penetrometer

    Fruit Penetrometer

    The instrument provides for an accurate index to determine the right period for fruit harvesting and it can monitor maturation progress during cold storage (pulp softening): index unit: kg or lb, accessories included: plungers, splash plate and fruit peeler (all items are stainless steel), on request: professional test stand (ref. 53200SP). Range: till 13 kg (till 29 lb) - accessories: n. 2 ...