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  • Pulp Molding Machine

    Pulp Molding Machine

    Configuration:semi-automatic and fully automatic configurationRaw material:scrap paper, waste cardboard, newspaper, sugarcane pulp, bamboo pulp, bagasse pulp board, rice stalk pulp, reed pulp etc.Final product:bottle tray, wine tray, inner package tray, disposable medical urinal tray, paper bed pan, seeding tray, fruit container, garden pot, cosmetic packaging, food container, egg & fruit ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Cherry Meter for Fruit & Veg Ripeness/Quality Control

    Cherry Meter for Fruit & Veg Ripeness/Quality Control

    Instrument that, by means of its absorbency properties, allows to measure the chlorophyll`s content in a fruit. Specific version for cherries. In fruit and vegetables, establishing the optimal harvest time is a crucial issue, since fruit shelf-life potential and quality are closely related to the ripening stage at the harvest. In cold store it is very importants to establish maturity changes as ...