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  • Double Disc Overseeder
    Showcase Product

    Double Disc Overseeder

    By Redexim

    The concept of the Double Disc range is to deliver seed into the soil via two rows of discs, in slits 1 inch apart, to ensure maximum germination. They bury the seed up to 3/4-inch deep in the ground, safely away from ...

  • Brassica Napus
    Showcase Product

    Brassica Napus

    By Bayer Crop Science AG

    Kidney-shaped and shallowly notched. Up to 1.5 m (59.05 inch) tall, herbaceous, branching, erect, reddish-purple below, greenish-red above, glabrous, from large thickened taproot to +10 cm (+3.93 inch) in diameter.

  • Phytotoxkit Microbiotests Kit
    Showcase Product

    Phytotoxkit Microbiotests Kit

    By MicroBioTests Inc.

    72h seed germination and early growth microbiotest with 3 higher plants (one monocotyl and two dicotyls). A Phytotoxkit accessories package is also available for easy test preparation.

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