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  • Glass Greenhouses
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    Glass Greenhouses

    By Gothic Arch Greenhouses, Inc.

    Glass Greenhouses are luxurious, beautiful and permanent. For many people glass greenhouses are the iconic  where the clarity of the glass truly creates a feeling of the outdoors when indoors, surrounded ...

  • Glass Greenhouse
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    Glass Greenhouse

    By Artigianfer s.r.l

    This is a development of the STO greenhouse, of which it conserves all its characteristics, with the added option that the roof can be fully opened to obtain the maximum ventilation possible in a greenhouse.

  • Glass Photovoltaic Greenhouses
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    Glass Photovoltaic Greenhouses

    By Europrogress S.r.l.

    Also the Venlosunglass greenhouses, are suitable for the application of photovoltaic panels; they have a “iron-glass” structure made of flat lattice beam, on which 3.20 m modular trusses are placed.

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  • Climate Controls Limited

    Climate Controls Limited

    One of the leading suppliers of glasshouses and associated systems from widespan, Venlo and Cabrio (open roof) to garden centres and botanic gardens. ...

  • Snelder B.V.

    Snelder B.V.

    Snelder has been developing, producing and selling complete ventilation and screening systems for the greenhouse industry. Worldwide, customers have ...

  • Empas BV

    Empas BV

    Empas BV is authoritative in the production of and trade in spraying-equipment. These products find their way particularly into the glasshouses all ...