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  • Greenhouse Glass
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    Greenhouse Glass

    By Solaria Corporation

    Solaria PowerGrow (Greenhouse Solutions) - Greenhouse Glass that promotes plant growth and captures solar power. Solaria has developed an industry-leading technology for manufacturing of solar PV modules optimized for ...

  • Cover
    Showcase Product


    By KUBO Group

    The W cover is a KUBO development. It is an innovative W-shaped rubber profile incorporated into the rafter. Depending on requirements, a grower can select from double coverage (W2 cover), triple coverage (W3 cover) or ...

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  • Gothic Arch Greenhouses, Inc.

    Gothic Arch Greenhouses, Inc.

    Most Trusted Name in Greenhouses and Greenhouse Supplies. Serving the Horticulture Industry since 1946. Family owned and operated since 1946. ...

  • Bridge Greenhouses Ltd

    Bridge Greenhouses Ltd

    Bridge Greenhouses are THE Specialist Company For Construction & Equipping Of Modern Commercial Greenhouses For Growers, Garden Centre Operators & ...

  • Climate Controls Limited

    Climate Controls Limited

    One of the leading suppliers of glasshouses and associated systems from widespan, Venlo and Cabrio (open roof) to garden centres and botanic gardens. ...

  • CambridgeHOK


    Cambridgehok is a forward thinking, dynamic engineering company leading the world in new technologies including vertical farming but with its roots ...

  • Idroterm Serre srl

    Idroterm Serre srl

    Since establishment in 1973 IDROTERM SERRE has built an exceptional reputation for designing manufacturing and supplying solutions and products at ...