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  •  In-Greenhouse Irrigation System and Automation
    Showcase Product

    In-Greenhouse Irrigation System and Automation

    By AYS Project A.Ş.

    The in-greenhouse irrigation system that is projected in accordance with the plant and cultivation environment ensures high productivity by working in full compliance with the fertilization system that is specifically ...

  • Flora UV-C
    Showcase Product

    Flora UV-C

    By Micothon BV

    UV beams are part of the natural sunbeams and largely around us on a sunny day. One of the wavelengths from the UV beams (the UVC wavelength) kills virusses, bacteries and fungi. This property can be used for UVC ...

  • Switchgear Cabinet
    Showcase Product

    Switchgear Cabinet

    By Mabeg Regeltechnik GmbH

    Switchgear cabinets for controls through climate control computers in greenhouse and building management. We build and develop switchgear cabinets according to your specs or develop a suitable solution based on your ...

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  • BWI Grower Technical Sales

    BWI Grower Technical Sales

    The Grower Technical Sales team is made up of a staff of trained specialist who provide technical support for BWI customers in the areas of ...

  • Hortiplan N.V.

    Hortiplan N.V.

    The horticultural industry has changed a lot throughout the years. Upscaling and technical innovation continue to have a big impact on how greenhouse ...

  • Bosman Van Zaal

    Bosman Van Zaal

    Complete greenhouse facilities worldwide, from vision to solution.The world increasingly demands smart and sustainable solutions for its plant ...

  • Varnet Glasshouse Systems

    Varnet Glasshouse Systems

    Varnet Glasshouse Systems was borne out of the innovative, world leading technological environment of Dutch horticulture transplanted into fertile ...

  • TAVA Systems

    TAVA Systems

    TAVA Systems has been dedicated to sales and development of automated systems for the greenhouse industry since 2004. TAVA Systems offers complete ...