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  • Computers and Hydroponics Systems
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    Computers and Hydroponics Systems

    By Greener Solutions

    HortiMaX provides both hi-tech and basic solutions to greenhouse and hydroponics operations of all sizes. Their wide range of hydroponics products enables us to offer a suitable solution for virtually any application. ...

  • Greenhouse Screen
    Showcase Product

    Greenhouse Screen

    By Ulma Agrícola

    It helps control the amount of light, humidity and temperature inside the facility, which turns to an improvement of the crop conditions and a reduction of the energy costs. The screen has a flexible and easily-folding ...

  • Electric Calibration Quantum Sensor
    Showcase Product

    Electric Calibration Quantum Sensor

    By Apogee Instruments, Inc.

    The SQ-120 is a self-powered, analog original quantum sensor with a 0 to 800 mV output that has been calibrated for use with electric lights. The sensor features a rugged, self-cleaning sensor housing design. Typical ...

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  • Quality Equipment (QE)

    Quality Equipment (QE)

    Quality Equipment (QE), has been giving a personal, flexible service. This honest, straight-forward and bespoke approach is still at the very core of ...

  • CanaQuest


    CanaQuest Medical Corp is engaged in the development of proprietary research and products utilizing cannabis oil combined with other botanical and ...

  • Cool Farm Tool (CFT)

    Cool Farm Tool (CFT)

    Supply chain and retail businesses require Alliance membership to use the Tool directly, or via their supply chains. Continued development of the ...

  • Conley


    onley’s Manufacturing started in 1946 as a small welding shop in founder John Conley’s garage and has evolved into a world-recognized supplier of ...

  • Florensis BV

    Florensis BV

    Florensis is an innovative, second-generation family business from Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht (Netherlands), founded in 1941 under the name Hamer Plant. The ...