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  • Greenhouse

    Greenhouse GREENHOUSES In the agriculture industry, Greenhouse is a very important part, which is globally utilized for the production of high value vegetables and fruits.WHY DEHUMIDIFIERS ARE NEEDED IN GREENHOUSES Normally, in day time, the inner climate of greenhouse is incredibly warm. Excessive heat and too much moisture will shrivel fruit and can easily devastate your vege

  • Project : Wonderplant Project - Case Study

    Continent: Europe Location: 4.1 HAArea: Drama, GreeceService: Foundation, complete construction (structure, ventilation system, glass, FAN system, PAD system, double screen). Heating inside the ...


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  • Doubel-layer Air-inflated Film Greenhouse

    Doubel-layer Air-inflated Film Greenhouse

    Double-layer air-inflated film greenhouse is equipped with double air-inflated film sheet on the roof and home/abroad PC sheet or double air-inflated film on four sides. Inflating certain air between the two double films with the inflating pump, a heat insulation will be formed, which creates a small climate in the greenhouse and controls the temperature and the humidity within a desired range to ...