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  • Greenhouse Air Conditioning Pipe
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    Greenhouse Air Conditioning Pipe

    By Plastic Puglia

    SBRINEX is a black, microperforated polyethylene pipe, designed to eliminate the danger of icing on the greenhouses cover sheets. The principle of operation is based on the uniform distribution of a veil of warm water ...

  • Garden Multifunction Machine (Ditcher & Hiller)
    Showcase Product

    Garden Multifunction Machine (Ditcher & Hiller)

    By Luke Machinery Co Ltd

    3WG series of garden multifunction machine is a small rural management of advanced machinery, which has a small size, light weight, compact structure and facility operation. It applies to greenhouses, vegetable plot, ...

  • High Yielding Horticulture Farming
    Showcase Product

    High Yielding Horticulture Farming

    By New Growing System SL

    All the basic factors which modern agriculture demands quality, density, control, savings and production- are present in MaxPro. One of its main components is a strong greenhouse specially designed to achieve the ...

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  • Lebiotek


    We realize that the climate of our planet is changing, leading greenhouse agriculture to become the future trend of this century, as agriculture ...

  • Serasan Agriculture and Engineering

    Serasan Agriculture and Engineering

    Founded in 1994, the Serasan Agriculture and Engineering started to operate with the manufacturing and installation of low tunnels and glass ...

  • MSC Greenhouses

    MSC Greenhouses

    MSC GREENHOUSES have been manufacturing, marketing and installing greenhouses at an international level for over 25 years. The company is made up of ...

  • Innovative Software Solutions

    Innovative Software Solutions

    Innovative Software Solutions has been working exclusively in the Greenhouse industry since our beginning in 1991. Today, we have a team of over 25 ...

  • Fontana s.r.l.

    Fontana s.r.l.

    We have been manufacturing agricultural machinery since 1977. The FONTANA S.r.l. company has specialized in the ground levelling and of any other ...