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  • Climate Control System
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    Climate Control System

    By Hortiplan N.V.

    In a greenhouse operation, it is all about the crop. Reaching the best possible result starts with a proper climate control. Complicated growing processes need to be made intelligible and controlable.

  • LED Toplighting System
    Showcase Product

    LED Toplighting System

    By Igrox srl

    Up to 360 W and up to 2.35 uMol/J, passive dissipated, QUANTUM is an LED system designed for greenhouse operations. 120° or 80° beam options are available, giving freedom of design in every greenhouse condition ...

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  • Hortiplan N.V.

    Hortiplan N.V.

    The horticultural industry has changed a lot throughout the years. Upscaling and technical innovation continue to have a big impact on how greenhouse ...

  • Yamko Yadpaz Industries Ltd.

    Yamko Yadpaz Industries Ltd.

    Yamko Yadpaz manufactures greenhouses since 1975, having over 30 years of experience in a wide range of different modular structures for agriculture. ...

  • Floral Plant Growers, LLC

    Floral Plant Growers, LLC

    Floral Plant Growers, L. L. C. is a leading greenhouse growing organization operating with over 69 acres of greenhouse currently in production in ...