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  • Case study - Cedar Greenhouse

    Case study - Cedar Greenhouse

    Wales System kWp: 1.08 Area: 24.96 Inverter: SMA Soladin 600 Modules Used: PS-C-901 Transparent The custom built cedar greenhouse had been designed to accept 12 of Polysolar`s 90 W transparent modules. Polysolar supplied the panels and all electrical balance of system. Objective: Supply only 12 90w transparent modules and electrical system for a bespoke built ce

  • Greenhouse Construction and Your Budget

    Greenhouse Construction and Your Budget

    Have you been reviewing your annual budget and wondering if now is the right time to build a new greenhouse, or expand or renovate an existing one? Rough Brothers can help you decide if now the best ...


  • 12 hectares of GATES for Village Farms

    12 hectares of GATES for Village Farms

    One of the most technologically advanced controlled environment food production greenhouse complexes in the world is currently being built in Monahans, Texas. Earlier this year Village Farms and Verbakel-Bomkas reached an agreement to develop the ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Dehumidification Units

    Dehumidification Units

    TİMFOG Dehumidification Devices The capacity of refrigerant gaseous dehumidification devices is limited with small capacity in general and there is a need for higher capacity where dehumidification needs are increased. Areas of usages related to dehumidifiers are as follows;