Greenhouse Ventilation

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  • The future of agriculture: saving water with Hydroponic Crops

    The future of agriculture: saving water with Hydroponic Crops

    In the hydroponic crops, the plants complete their vegetative cycle without the necessity of using the soil. The water with mineral nutrition (total or partial) is provided through a solution in which the different essential nutrients for their development are dissolved. The future of modern agriculture goes through the optimal use of one of the most ...

  • Greenhouse


    GREENHOUSES In the agriculture industry, commercial greenhouse dehumidifier is a very important part, which is globally utilized for the production of high value vegetables and fruits. WHY ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Grow Smart Hobby Greenhouse

    Grow Smart Hobby Greenhouse

    Our Grow Smart line of greenhouses has become one of the most popular hobby greenhouse we carry. The EarthCare Grow Smart Greenhouse Kit is a large and efficient Do It Yourself greenhouse kit that will get your garden off to a healthy and productive start and keep it going strong all year long. And it will do that for many, many years to come. With it`s simple, but sturdy design, this ...