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  • Growbags (Coco slabs)

    Growbags (Coco slabs)

    Keeping up with the latest grow techniques and products are probably becoming increasingly important for an ardent farmer or gardener in today’s rapidly changing world. Cultivating fast growing plants is becoming a priority especially if it is a method that is 100% natural. Designed and created to suit all requirements Coir Grow bag, also known as Coco slabs, is an easy, useful and ...

  • Innovations in Mulch Colorization

    Innovations in Mulch Colorization

    Competition for drier wood sources for boiler fuel has led to increasing use of ground green waste and processed C&D wood streams to make colored mulches.THIS time of year, many landscapes pop out ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor

    Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor

    Dependable ± 3% soil moisture accuracy - Built in temperature measurement - Robust and buriable, with 5 year warranty. The SM150T measures soil moisture and temperature with research-grade accuracy. It offers stable, robust and reliable performance at a great price. The SM150T’s advanced patented electronics and tough build produce a highly dependable sensor with exceptional salinity ...