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  • Indigo Agriculture Shares February Corn and Soybean Yield Forecasts for the Americas

    Indigo announced yield forecasts in January for corn and soybeans across the Americas, democratizing data for the grower community to better navigate global markets during the U.S. government shutdown. With the shutdown, the doors of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) had closed. No work in that department meant that there was an indefinite hold on a key report, known as the World ...

  • The Latest in Whitefly Control

    Next month’s Greenhouse Canada Grower Day is welcoming leading researchers and crop specialists to help you tackle one of the industry’s biggest challenges.Whitefly is proving to be one ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Commercial Greenhouses

    Commercial Greenhouses

    The GrowSpan Series 1000 Commercial Greenhouse provides a high-quality marijuana greenhouse. It has the size and customization that professionals seek, while still maintaining a cost-effective price. Series 1000 Greenhouses are a cannabis production powerhouse, and this marijuana greenhouse can help to improve the yields and quality of any operation. The economical design makes the Series 1000 ...