Harvesting Automation

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  • Gas Sensing for Optimal Marijuana Medical Use Crop Growth

    Gas Sensing for Optimal Marijuana Medical Use Crop Growth

    Following the legalisation of marijuana sale for medical use in 33 US states1 and Canada,2 marijuana sales have become big business. It is estimated that in 2020 US retail sales of marijuana will continue their rapid growth, from $15. 7 billion to $19 billion3 with suppliers struggling to keep up with demand. In Colorado alone, legal demand for medical u

  • Technology of Growing Bean Sprouts Case Study

    Bean sprout as a kind of vegetable is the edible young stems directly grown out from beans, using of soilless cultivation method in the dark or low light conditions. As the bean sprouts have features ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Tobacco Sorting Machine

    Tobacco Sorting Machine

    What differentiates the Opus Tobacco sorter from any other optical stem sorter is that it does not only accurately detect and reject non-tobacco related material (NTRM), but more specifically the ‘woody’ stem stalks (stem knuckles, split stalks, partial or whole stalks) are also efficiently removed.