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  • A breath of fresh Air

    A breath of fresh Air

    @Eurofruit, the international marketing magazine for fresh produce buyers in Europe, January 2020. issueWith labor shortages becoming an increasingly acute problem for berry producers the world over, the race to develop automated harvesting solutions has heated up in recent years. One company Serbia’s BSK believes it has found an answer.It’s KOKAN 500S Air Jet Berry Harvester uses pul


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  • Mid-Size Stationary Fodder System

    Mid-Size Stationary Fodder System

    FodderTech is proud to introduce its Mid-Sized Stationary Sprouting System which achieves the highest fodder yields with the least amount of labor of any system on the market today. This fodder production system comes in two different sizes: 125 lbs. and 250 lbs. of fresh sprouts daily out of the box. The 250 lb stationary system can also be upgraded to a full commercial system with just a few ...