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Horticultural LED Lights equipment for Horticulture

  • Premium

    Model SPARK - Endoscope LED Light Source

    MEDIT's 'SPARK' LED light source is specially designed for growing demands in the medical and veterinary industries. It utilizes a newly designed LED chip which is combined with a specialized focal lens to produce 15% more light intensity than the most powerful light sources in the class. The body is composed of high-grade aluminum with an ...

    By by Medit Inc. based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Endoscopy Light Sources Product line

  • EcoGrow - Model ECGL - Full Spectrum Linear LED Grow Light

    The key benefit of the EcoGROW ECGL Full Spectrum Linear LED grow light is its remarkable ability to mimic natural sunlight by emitting a full spectrum of light. Red and blue light wavelengths activate photosynthesis, but are not the only wavelengths plants need. Oversaturating your plants with only red and blue wavelengths actually causes them to ...

    By Ecopower Inc. based in London, ONTARIO (CANADA). from LED - EcoGrow - Full Spectrum Grow Lights Product line

  • Horticultural LED Lighting System

    The world of horticultural lighting is starting a transfromation, with new technology and the beginning of LED lighting. Light spectrums, which are specifically tailored to the crop type in order to optimise photosynthesis, whilst also providing a cooler and significantly lower energy usage light source are becoming ...

    By CambridgeHOK based in Newport, Brough, UNITED KINGDOM. from Commercial Growers Product line

  • powerPAR - Greenhouse LED Fixture

    The powerPAR Greenhouse LED Fixture, available in three power variations (530W, 390W, and 185W), delivers a higher PPFD (usable light that actually reaches the plant) per watt value to the plant canopy than other equivalent LED greenhouse fixtures. The powerPAR's scientifically developed horticultural growth spectra and proprietary, patented ...

    By CropKing Inc. based in Lodi, OHIO (USA). from Greenhouse Supplies - Commercial Lighting Product line

  • Master - Wi-Fi Controller

    Aqua System with for channel control use the newest Technology Wifi (802.11) Through the windows, Mac or Android Wirelessly connection

    By Lumini Technology Co., Ltd based in Bao’an District, CHINA. from Controller Product line

  • Smart-Farmers - LED lighting

    Is LED farming or vertical farming profitable? Yes, when you use steered LED lighting for growing microgreens or cress. Smart Farmers has been pioneering with LED lighting for vertical farming since 2015. We have experienced that optimal results can be obtained by selecting the correct light spectrum, light intensity and a correct monitoring of ...

    By Smart Farmers based in Gent, BELGIUM.

  • Ecogrow - Model ECGD - Duo LED Mounting Frame Light Fixtures

    Optimize your plants’ growth with the ECGD mounting frame. Engineered specifically to hold two ECG full spectrum LED grow light fixtures at a precise distance to ensure optimal coverage for a 4' x 4' or 5' x 5' bed. Integral winch system allows the frame and attached lights to be easily adjusted higher as your plants reap the benefits of ...

    By Ecopower Inc. based in London, ONTARIO (CANADA). from LED - Mounting Product line

  • Codema - Multi Layer Growing System

    A Multi Layer Growing System combines state of the art LED lighting with ebb flood and hydroponics technology and uses no pesticides reliably delivering the fresh, heirloom quality produce required to satisfy your most demanding customers – delivered within a very short period after harvest all year round – and grown ...

    By Codema Systems Group B.V. based in Bergschenhoek, NETHERLANDS. from Cultivation Systems Product line

  • Valoya - Model LightDNA - 8 - LED Light

    LightDNA 8-channel light is the most advanced application of horticulture LED technology in the world. Capable of delivering any theoretical or recorded outdoor light conditions to indoor growing environments with an accuracy of 90% or higher, this luminaire is set to re-invent horticultural research.

    By Valoya Oy based in Helsinki, FINLAND.

  • Emitting Diode LED Light

    Although still in the early days of development, LED (light emitting diode) is fast becoming a popular option, due to their ‘green’ credentials. LEDs have a much longer life span (up to 50,000 hours) with very little light loss over the period and because only the required part of the spectrum is produced they can run at a much lower ...

    By Commercial Hydroponics based in UNITED KINGDOM. from Horticultural Lighting Product line

  • Multilayer & Daylight-Free

    Growing in a greenhouse is not an efficient solution for some crops. By growing on multiple layers one above the other you can make much more efficient use of your space. What’s more, conditions in these cells can be finely tuned right down to four decimal places.

    By WPS Horti Systems B.V. based in De Lier, NETHERLANDS.

  • AstroTubers - Potato Minitubers

    AstroTubers (potato minitubers) are tubers produced by one or two node stem cuttings derived from established tissue culture plantlets, Stem cuttings are made from the tissue culture plantlets after a growth period of 3 to 4 weeks in a phytotron. Repeated stem cuttings can be made from the established plantlets at approximately 3 week intervals. ...

    By CETS LLC based in Sussex, WISCONSIN (USA).

  • Agritom - Model AGR-250 - Fodder System

    The AGR-250 Fodder System has 147 trays and can produce up to 250kg of fresh fodder per day.

  • Model E60 - LED Grow Lights

    Designed to replace a 1,000 Watt HID. The E60 is a fixed spectrum, high intensity LED grow light fixture developed together with some of the world’s leading greenhouse growers. The Plug-and-play nature of the E60 provide instant light. Designed in Sweden to handle a greenhouse harsh conditions this fixture provide growers with quality light ...

    By Heliospectra AB based in Delsjömotet, SWEDEN.

  • Model RX30 - Flexible LED Grow Light for Plant Scientists

    The world’s most flexible LED Grow Light for plant scientists. A 400W, programmable LED grow light with nine (9) individually controlled wavelengths ranging from 380nm (UVA) to 735nm (Far Red). Designed and engineered to give you a scientific advantage.

    By Heliospectra AB based in Delsjömotet, SWEDEN.

  • Model LX60 - LED Grow Light for Horticulture Crop Production

    The most advanced LED grow light for horticulture crop production. Intelligently adapt lighting to the needs of plants through real-time spectrum regulation and intensity adjustment. Growers who are serious about quality use the LX60 Series as an essential tool in their operations. The LX60 Series comes in two different applications specific optic ...

    By Heliospectra AB based in Delsjömotet, SWEDEN.

  • MLDR - Model AP147 - Aluminum Profile for LED Strip Lighting

    MLDR is a LED lights manufacturer in China, supplying rigid LED strip lights, flexible LED strip lights, LED rope lights, LED grow lights, and other LED lamps and accessories. Product customization (OEM/ ODM) is availalbe. Aluminum Profile, extrusion forming, surface mounting, 12mm inner-width, for LED strip lights.

    By Shenzhen Mailederun Technology Co., Ltd. based in Baoan District, Shenzhen, CHINA. from Accessories - Aluminum Profile Product line

  • Hettich - LED Plant Growth Chambers

    Hettich LED Plant Growth Chambers use an advanced LED lighting system to increase throughputs and decrease operation costs. Their highly efficient LED lights deliver uniform lighting throughout the chamber and virtually eliminate dark corners for consistent results. The LED lights also emit minimal heat, allowing for more usable chamber space than ...

    By Hettich Instruments based in Beverly, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Plant Chambers Product line

  • Indoor Harvest Low Tide - Model VFRack - Vertical Farming Platform

    The Indoor Harvest Low Tide VFRACK system is designed specifically for flood and drain operation.

    By Indoor Harvest, Corp. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Small Indoor Farming

    Small indoor farm Indoor vertical system, we do it use 18w, 20W or 36 W Led growing lights. We also can offer the rack, all part can be customized by your request. Usually we use 100mmx50mm or 118mmx50mm NFT Channel for Leaf crops. If you don't have greenhouse and want to set up commercial project indoor. This way is the best choice !

    By DX Hydro based in Beijing, CHINA. from Hydroponic System Product line

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