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  • Coir - The Ideal Growing Medium for Strawberries

    Coir - The Ideal Growing Medium for Strawberries

    In June 2015, newspapers around Britain were buzzing about an offer from Marks and Spencer which sought to revolutionize gardening and retail shopping. For the first time in history, UK shoppers were given the opportunity to p


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  • Cocopeat Block Making Machine

    Cocopeat Block Making Machine

    HBA-SB160;is one Horizontal Baler for compacting sawdust into density blocks.the ram force is 160 tons,the Compression ratio is 3:1.HBA-SB160 comes optional SIEMENS motor,Parker hydrualic,and Schneider Electric.conveyor feeding ,automatic running makes the baler prefect chooe for compacting sawdust.HBA-SB160 also can compact alumiun powder, rice husk etc.