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  • Pipe Rail  Spray Trolley
    Showcase Product

    Pipe Rail Spray Trolley

    By Berg Hortimotive

    The pipe rail trolley 150cm is a standard in the `cultivation under glass` industry. From the introduction of the pipe rail system in greenhouses, one is hard put to imagine a greenhouse without a pipe rail trolley. It ...

  • Black Non-Woven Landscape Fabrics - Professionals Choice
    Showcase Product

    Black Non-Woven Landscape Fabrics - Professionals Choice

    By Ground Cover Industries, Inc.

    600 Series Professional’s Choice is Premium Quality Landscape/Filter Fabric. At 6 oz this product is the heaviest retail packaged landscape fabric in the horticulture industry. The unique properties of this fabric ...

  • Robot for Palletising
    Showcase Product

    Robot for Palletising

    By Koat BV

    This machine can stack boxes and crates in different pattern on different pallets. Toepassing: Horticultural, Industrie, Logistics, Foodprocessing. Werking/ functie: The robotic arm is equiped with our high tech gripper ...

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  • Prime Grow Pvt Ltd

    Prime Grow Pvt Ltd

    We Prime grow exports Pvt Ltd, is one of the leading Coco peat based Products such as Grow bags ,Grow Cubes .Faster Bag ..etc To produce superior ...

  • Axminster Garden Machinery

    Axminster Garden Machinery

    Axminster garden machinery was formed in 1999 Phil Roper who has worked in the horticultural industry as a garden machinery expert for some 32 years. ...

  • Balgownie Ltd

    Balgownie Ltd

    Balgownie has been supplying goods and machinery to farmers and other local businesses since 1907. The current directors have been at the helm of the ...

  • Hortfresh Journal

    Hortfresh Journal

    Hortfresh Journal is a premier horticultural magazine in Kenya, published by Tech Era Communications that highlights issues in horticulture industry ...

  • Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL)

    Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL)

    Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL) is a not-for-profit, industry-owned company. It works in partnership with Australia’s horticulture industries to ...