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  • LED or HPS for Growing Cannabis?

    “What lighting source should I use for my licensed cannabis grow?”; “I am comparing LED to HPS for my cannabis operation. Which source do you recommend?” These are questions people ask me almost on a daily basis. We have covered this question in past posts on our blog, like this one by our very own head of marketing: LEDs vs Tr

  • Demystifying Light Levels for Cannabis Grows

    As more and more investors, opportunists and growers are jumping onto the green rush that is the cannabis industry right now there is also a big influx of folks who are learning as they go.  ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Advanced Data Logger and Controller

    Advanced Data Logger and Controller

    The GP2 is a powerful 12 channel data logger that is easy to use, versatile, rugged and reliable. It can log most sensor types and accepts voltage, resistance, current, potentiometer, bridge, counter, frequency, and digital state inputs. DeltaLINK software helps the user set up logging sequences and provides control over reading frequency, sensor type, thresholds, units and much more. All Delta-T ...