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  • Sunritek Semiconductor Lighting Co.Ltd.

    Since established in 2005, Sunritek is very experienced in the lighting experience. Now focus on LED grow light, LED corn lamp manufacturer. ...

  • Gavita As

    Gavita As

    Gavita is the oldest specialised horticultural lighting company, building on more than 30 years of accumulated knowledge and innovation. Founded in ...

  • Illumitex


    Illumitex, we design LED lighting systems and digital horticulture solutions for CEA operations. Based on scientific research on PPF, PPFD, PAR, ...

  • Fluence Bioengineering, Inc.

    Fluence Bioengineering, Inc.

    We achieve this by building commercial grade horticulture lighting solutions that allow for optimized plant growth, HVAC system design, and plant ...

  • Valoya Oy

    Valoya Oy

    Valoya is a provider of wide spectrum LED grow lights. Valoya’s patented wide spectra are designed to optimise growth for a variety of plants in ...