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  • Gas Sensing for Optimal Marijuana Medical Use Crop Growth

    Following the legalisation of marijuana sale for medical use in 33 US states1 and Canada,2 marijuana sales have become big business. It is estimated that in 2020 US retail sales of marijuana will continue their rapid growth, from $15. 7 billion to $19 billion3 with suppliers struggling to keep up with demand. In Colorado alone, legal demand for medical u


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  • Water Hydraulic Cherry Cluster Separator

    Water Hydraulic Cherry Cluster Separator

    Water Hydraulic Cherry Cluster Separator  for a standard configuration, the water hydraulic cherry cluster separator includes: A Water Tank (cherry holding tank). A patented Water Hydraulic Separating system. An Exit Basin on the top feeding onto a dewatering belt or channels. A Waste Collecting Tray (enables recycling of water back to the Water Tank)