Horticulture Services

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Choosing the Right Light for Young Plants

    Horticulture lighting research has been conducted on young plants (germination, seedlings, plugs and cuttings) for many years. Michigan State University published a series of articles in Greenhouse Grower (see references below) on bedding plant seedlings. In their research, Drs. Wollaeger and Runkle experimented with different LED wavelengths and compared them to fluorescent light on seedling ...

  • Decreased cost price advantage of gas CHP use

    From the new Quantitative Information of the Greenhouse Horticulture prove the differences in cost between whether or not CHP use almost to fall away, the carbon footprint using CHP for the heat ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Flagship Modular High Pressure Aeroponic System

    Flagship Modular High Pressure Aeroponic System

    The heart of our current system, the Indoor Harvest Modular Aeroponic Platform is a patent-pending, fixture-based design for use in creating the mechanical infrastructure for any form of building-integrated agricultural facility.