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  • Ecologic Seed Tray with 228 Cells
    Showcase Product

    Ecologic Seed Tray with 228 Cells

    By Plastic Puglia

    Made of Polypropylene. Crashworthy, heat resistant, etc. External dimensions (mm): 525x335x60. Total weight (g): 1000. Number of cells: 228 (19 × 12). Shape: truncated pyramid with a square base (mm) 23 × ...

  • Tray Stacker Machine
    Showcase Product

    Tray Stacker Machine

    By Crea-Tech International BV

    This machine is designed for many types of trays to destack. To increase the machine`s versatility is also an adjustable version that is capable without the neces two different trays for stacking. For tray destacking is ...

  • Foam Tray
    Showcase Product

    Foam Tray

    By Hidrogood

    Tray for sowing, germination and transport in phenolic foam. Indicated for a phenolic foam board with 345 cells per tray. Dimensions - Tray 1: Height: 30 cm; Length: 47cm.

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  • H Smith Plastics LTD

    H Smith Plastics LTD

    H. Smith Plastics was established in 1963 to design, manufacture and supply top quality, but economically priced plastic seed trays with inserts, and ...

  • Hortec Grow with Technology Limited

    Hortec Grow with Technology Limited

    Hortec Grow with Technology Ltd - is a horticultural engineering company based in Warwickshire and specialising in Javo Potting, Tray-filling, ...