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  • Organic fertilizer production line

    Organic fertilizer production line

    As China's professional organic fertilizer manufacturing process manufacturer,we can provide all the details to investors for free who wants to start organic fertilizer production business. our organic fertilizer equipments have been sold all over the world. We develop multi-functional organic ferti

  • Humic Acid Factory - Case Study

    Humic acids or humus are black or dark brown substances formed by plant or animal residues that are partially or completely decayed. Humus is a substance that facilitates the uptake of fertilizers. ...


  • The effectiveness of Humate GreenOK winter wheat

    In order to increase the yields of the crop, traditionally around the world special attention is paid to nutrition regulation issues. It is therefore necessary to study and develop methods to improve productivity and quality of agricultural products ...

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  • Humic Acid

    Humic Acid

    The humic acid imported from the U.S. is produced by `LEONARDIT` of the deposits in the state of NEW MEXICO. The same is 70% with 20% of fulvic acid guaranteed. We offer it only with `BIO ONE`. We do not offer free sale.