Leaf Vegetable Farming

Equipment & Solutions

  • Vine Leaf Stripper
    Showcase Product

    Vine Leaf Stripper

    By Spezia srl

    The 111 VRT leaf-stripper has been devised to enable controlled working in the vineyard, not removing leaves in a uniform way, as with all the previous equipment, but controlled depending on the higher or lower presence ...

  • Baby Leaf Harvesters
    Showcase Product

    Baby Leaf Harvesters

    By Morrish Engineering Limited

    These Harvesters have been designed specifically for the Horticultural and Agricultural industries where they gather green tender leafed vegetables including Spinach, Herbs and watercress. They are unique in there ...

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  • Biodynamic Agriculture Australia Ltd (BAA)

    Biodynamic Agriculture Australia Ltd (BAA)

    Biodynamic Agriculture Australia Ltd (BAA) promotes biodynamic growing methodology and supports healthy sustainable food production at all levels ...

  • MyPot - New Garden System

    MyPot - New Garden System

    New Garden System has developed MyPot®, a modular vertical hydroponic system. We developed a great solution for urban gardening and landscaping. Our ...

  • Morrish Engineering Limited

    Morrish Engineering Limited

    The original company, Morrish Electrical was started by Derek Morrish in the mid 50’s and situated in the village of Holcombe Rogus. After the death ...