Lettuce Farming

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  • Lettuces Production for Greenhouse
    Showcase Product

    Lettuces Production for Greenhouse

    By HydroNov Inc.

    Hydroponic means growing without soil. From there, several different systems have been put together since the early sixties, starting mostly in England and Israel. Early systems were very basic, replacing soil by ...

  • High Density Baby Leafs Production
    Showcase Product

    High Density Baby Leafs Production

    By HydroNov Inc.

    Involved since 2005 with Baby Leaf production on DWT Floating Rafts, original trials have now become a very productive commercial production system, replicating what has been done for single head lettuce production.

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    Home Grown: The Case For Local Food In A Global Market

    Everyone, everywhere depends increasingly on long-distance food. Encouraged by food processing innovations, cheap oil, and subsidies, since 1961 th

  • Transgenic Crops IV

    Transgenic Crops IV

    Genetic engineering is a powerful tool for crop improvement. Crop biotechnology before 2001 was reviewed in Transgenic Crops I-III, but recent ...

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  • HydroNov Inc.

    HydroNov Inc.

    HydroNov Inc. is currently installing greenhouse`s hydroponic growing systems with complete operational back-up for customers around the world. Built ...