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  • Plug-in Salad Bar Cabinet
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    Plug-in Salad Bar Cabinet

    By Proso

    The special serie of cabinets BUTTERFLY is designed to meet all of your needs in a single line, reflecting the fine touch for each version. PR (Pastry Refrigerated), PN (Pastry Neutral), BR (Bread), BM (Bain-Marie), SB ...

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  • Home Grown: The Case For Local Food In A Global Market

    Home Grown: The Case For Local Food In A Global Market

    Everyone, everywhere depends increasingly on long-distance food. Encouraged by food processing innovations, cheap oil, and subsidies, since 1961 th

  • Transgenic Crops IV

    Transgenic Crops IV

    Genetic engineering is a powerful tool for crop improvement. Crop biotechnology before 2001 was reviewed in Transgenic Crops I-III, but recent ...

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  • Biopac (UK) Ltd

    Biopac (UK) Ltd

    We are the UK’s leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of eco-friendly food packaging and catering disposables. After years of intensive ...

  • HydroNov Inc.

    HydroNov Inc.

    HydroNov Inc. is currently installing greenhouse`s hydroponic growing systems with complete operational back-up for customers around the world. Built ...