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  • Self Propelled Harvester
    Showcase Product

    Self Propelled Harvester

    By Vegetable Harvesting Systems (VHS)

    Self propelled, up to 20mph on road, 60 metres per hour in field mode. Selectable two-wheeled drive, and two and four-wheeled steer. Up to 9 metres long and up to 6 metres wide. Any type of harvesting unit can be fitted ...

  • Lettuce Bot
    Showcase Product

    Lettuce Bot

    By Blue River Technology

    The first smart machine - the lettuce bot - focused on lettuce thinning, a traditionally time-intensive and expensive task, The lettuce bot automated this arduous process. This first smart machine took images, ...

  • Lettuces Production for Greenhouse
    Showcase Product

    Lettuces Production for Greenhouse

    By Hydronov LLC

    Hydroponic means growing without soil. From there, several different systems have been put together since the early sixties, starting mostly in England and Israel. Early systems were very basic, replacing soil by ...

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    Russian research-and-production company “FITO-AGRO” has over 15 years experience in researching and manufacturing of the professional equipment for ...

  • Hydroserre Inc.

    Mirabel is a trademark owned by Hydroserre inc. Hydroserre inc. has set itself the task to pursue a better customer experience. We want to be ...

  • Passfield Data Systems Ltd

    Passfield Data Systems Ltd

    Passfield Data Systems Ltd has been successfully providing software solutions since 1995, however in 1997 the company’s vision was redefined. ...

  • Vision Robotics Corporation (VRC)

    Vision Robotics Corporation (VRC)

    Vision Robotics Corporation (VRC) has developed a proprietary and patented technology to produce robots that can understand and work in the real ...

  • Daytech Engineering

    Daytech Engineering

    Daytech Engineering the story so far. Daytech Engineering a small family business situated on Lincoln Rd. in Masterton has come a long way since it’s ...