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    By Green Seeds Co., Ltd

    The all new type hybrid melon is a crossbetween a CANARY type melon and anoriental HAMI melon. The genetics of theHami line adds light-netting to the originallysmooth-skin CANARY; Fruits are uniformly1.5 ~ 2 kg (4 Lb); ...

  • High Temperature Heat Mat
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    High Temperature Heat Mat

    By Ken-Bar

    The Agritape High Temperature Heat Matreaches higher temperatures than a standard heat mat, allowing you to germinate seeds in cool areas and achieve warmer soil temperatures. It is an excellent tool for small growers ...

  • Cantaloupe Sizing / Melon Sizing
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    Cantaloupe Sizing / Melon Sizing

    By Kerian Machines Inc.

    Mechanical sizing of Cantaloupe minimizes bruising in box containers and provides improved appearance for resale display. The Kerian Sizer quickly and gently separates two to six sizes of Cantaloupe from size 9 to size ...

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