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Mildew equipment for Horticulture

  • Premium

    Jenfitch - Reducing Mold and Mildew

    JC 9450 is very effective in controlling mold and mildew.  Using the energy of oxygen radicals, JC 9450 penetrates the mold and mildew quickly without damaging its surrounding.  It has been effective in controlling mold and mildew in storage rooms and on fruit and vegetables too!!  It is safe and simple to use.  JC 9450 leaves ...

    By Jenfitch, LLC based in Walnut Creek, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Food Safety & Preservation Product line

  • BBJ Mold & Mildew Remover

    32 oz. or 1-gallon size - BBJ Mold & Mildew Remover is highly effective against a broad range of disease causing organisms, yet harmless to equipment. BBJ Mold and Mildew Remover is convenient and mild to use without any damaging side effects to equipment and surfaces. Its light citrus scent dissipates rapidly making it a pleasure to use. BBJ ...

    By A Quality Indoor Environment LLC based in St.Petersburg, FLORIDA (USA). from Environmental Chemical Control Product line

  • Antimicrobial

    Safeguard your surfaces and build your position as a clean, concerned, responsible manufacturer using films from DUNMORE featuring DUN-SHIELD antimicrobial coating solutions. DUNMORE DUN-SHIELD coating is a long-lasting antimicrobial solution that can be added to any DUNMORE film. DUN-SHIELD coating is powered by the Agion antimicrobial technology ...

    By Dunmore Corporation based in Bristol, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Specialty Product line

  • Dayu - Model DZL-26A - Super Dust Grain Separator

    The machine adopts high power low voltage fan,nagative pressure dust absorption, Dust removal effect is obvious, And it can effectively remove the impurity in the material, After the proportion grading and screening, it can removal light impurities(mildew deterioration grain, worm eaten berry, Smut grain, blighted grain, bud grain, big heavy ...

    By Xinxiang Dazhen Grain Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd. based in Xinxiang City, CHINA.

  • Fiberlock HydroBoost - Model 8313-Q-C12 - Cleaners and Stain Removers

    Ideal for situations that demand extreme cleaning and powerful stain removal, HydroBoost additive instantly increases the oxidation potential of Advanced Peroxide Cleaners. When added to Advanced Peroxide Cleaner, HydroBoost will further: Lift and remove deeply embedded dirt and debris. Remove tough stains caused by mold and mildew. Reduce labor.

    By Fiberlock Technologies, Inc. based in Andover, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Mold Products - Cleaners and Stain Removers Product line

  • Sun Selector - Clear IR AD Greenhouse Film

    The Sun Selector Clear IR/AD greenhouse film is one of the best quality greenhouse plastics available. It features IR and UVA protection (to make it last 4 years) and Anti-Dust protection. This film is also known as IR/AC film where AC stands for Anti-Condensation instead of Anti-Drip.

    By Agriculture Solutions LLC based in Strong, MAINE (USA). from Sun Selector Greenhouse Plastic Product line

  • Alu Party Tent

    The Alu Party is the ultimate entry model. It is an economical alternative to the famous Aluhall. The facade may have 3 different shapes: a smooth facade, an oblique facade or a bay facade.

    By Veldeman Structure Solutions based in Wijshagerstraat, BELGIUM. from Tent Family Product line

  • ORBIS Structural Foam Pallets

    Precision molded structural polyethylene foam is superior to wood pallets: no loose nails, splinters, no mold or mildew. Much lighter than wood pallets, and they´re always of consistent size and quality. Single-Face Pallets nest for space saving storage; stack 15 high in just four feet. Large rectangular legs are ideal for most conveyor systems. ...

    By BASCO, Inc based in University Park, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Alu SMART Tent

    Line of alu halls with important strengths: less weight, high-quality finishing and user-friendly assembly.

    By Veldeman Structure Solutions based in Wijshagerstraat, BELGIUM. from Tent Family Product line

  • Upbeat - Model L1770 - Cosmopolitan 6` Contour Bench with Arms

    Sharp, sophisticated styling and comfortable lines make this modern bench a winner. A unique, eye-catching perforated steel pattern elevates the Cosmopolitan bench to a higher level -- perfect for commercial spaces.

    By Upbeat, Inc. based in St. Louis, MISSOURI (USA). from Benches Product line

  • Jackson - Wood Shaving Mill

    The Jackson Wood Shaving Mill produces wood shavings similar to the by-product of a lumber planer. The raw material may be round wood, pulp wood, low-grade logs, slabs, and other similar waste wood. It is not practical to use short end trimmings, tie butts, or croppings. Softwoods or the softer hardwoods (such as aspens and poplars) may be shaved, ...

    By Jackson Lumber Harvester Company, Inc. based in Mondovi, WISCONSIN (USA). from Shaving Mills Product line

  • SRS - Impactafoam Acoustic Foam

    Impactafoam is designed to form a resilient layer reducing impact noise transmission in concrete and timber floors. Impactafoam is an inert cross-linked closed-cell polyethylene foam, therefore providing a vapour barrier with good compression strength. In a concrete construction, Impactafoam is laid as a membrane between a structural concrete ...

    By Sound Reduction Systems Ltd based in Bolton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Soundproofing for Floors Product line

  • PROMAX - Crop Protection Organic Pesticides

    PROMAX is an organic listed crop protection product. It is a protective and curative pesticide recommended for control of plant parasitic nematodes and soil borne diseases. The mode of action is as a contact killer. For best results, always apply HUMA GRO® ZAP® as part of a long-term soil disease and nematode solution.

  • Rosa Alecs Red (HT) Potted

    Masses of luxurious, fully double, crimson to cherry red blooms are produced continuously from dark purple buds between July and September. This is an outstanding hybrid tea bush rose that's blessed with an impressive list of virtues.

    By Jacksons Nurseries & Tea Room based in Staffordshire Moorlands, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Fungi-Phite - Fast Acting Fungicide

    Fungi-Phite is a fast-acting fungicide proven to help take down diseases before they take hold of crops. This phosphite fungicide delivers proven, cost-effective disease control and suppression, optimizing crop quality and yield potential. When environmental conditions are just right for disease and the stress that comes along with it, Fungi-Phite ...

    By Verdesian Life Sciences, LLC based in Cary, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Crop Health Chemistry & Biologicals Product line

  • Mold & Mildew Test Kit

    Highlights: Determine if You Have Mold or Mildew in Your Home. Quick and Easy Results. Test Today for this #1 Cause of Allergies in the Home.

    By Puriteam based in Kennett Square, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Air Purifiers - Air Test Kits Product line

  • WeatherPort - Permanent and Seasonal Retail Greenhouses

    WeatherPort is the leading provider of retail greenhouses used by market farmers, big box retail chains, family-owned markets, hardware stores, and nurseries around the world. Since opening our doors in 1968, we have supplied permanent and seasonal retail greenhouses to more than 65 countries, each custom designed to meet our customer’s ...

    By WeatherPort Shelter Systems based in Delta, COLORADO (USA). from Greenhouses Product line

  • Miami Tent

    With simple shapes and flexible use, the Miami is always charming and can be used as an entry tent or attractive passageway.

    By Veldeman Structure Solutions based in Wijshagerstraat, BELGIUM. from Tent Family Product line

  • Model 1600 Series - Anti-Stick Coatings & Paints

    Ecological Coatings Green, Anti-stick Coating and Anti-stick Paint produce a slightly textured high release surface which repels all pressure sensitive adhesives such as tape, stickers and vinyl. Chewing gum as well as paint are also easily removed from 1600 Series Coatings making them the perfect choice to protect all types of surfaces that are ...

    By Ecological Coatings, LLC based in Clifton Park, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Nylon Minnow Seines

    Constructed of ace nylon – strong, long lasting, fast drying and will not mildew. Includes floats and weights. Poles not included.

    By Forestry Suppliers, Inc. based in Jackson, MISSISSIPPI (USA).

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