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  • Tips for Using Beneficial Nematodes in the Summer

    Now that summer is underway and temperatures are steadily rising, we are getting a lot of questions about how to effectively order, store and apply beneficial nematodes in the heat. Beneficial nematodes are a great, natural and effective option for controlling a wide variety of pest insects this time of year.The ideal time to apply nematodes can depend on the ty


  • A day in the entomology lab: Beetles

    Did you know that the average American eats 124 lbs of potatoes a year, that the potato was the first vegetable to be grown in space, and Vincent van Gogh painted four still-life canvases devoted entirely to the potato!?

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  • Coir Products

    Coir Products

    The Jiffy Rosa-line is developed with the assistance of rose growers in the Netherlands for the rose grower worldwide.