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  • How To Process Garri From Cassava Tubers?

    How To Process Garri From Cassava Tubers?

    How To Process Garri From Cassava Tubers? Garri, which is made by fermenting and roasting cassava root, is one of the staple foods in West African cuisine. Also known as gari, garry, tapioca, garium sulphate, farofa, and poi, this fermented food is available in fine, medium and coarse grain forms, and in white and yellow colors. The texture comes from how the root is ground and sieved, and ...

  • Walnut Color Sorter

    Walnut Color Sorter

    Walnut Color Sorter Function 1. Walnut sorter mainly used to sort walnut kernel.2. LINPRO AI walnut color sorter able to sort all types of walnut kernel.3. Separate the defective cashew: ...


  • New BORRELL Taming Sun Dryers, Roasters and Coolers

    We`re excited to unveil our new range of Taming Sun® dryers, roasters amd coolers optimized for almonds, hazelnuts and other nuts.Single or multi-pass options available.Improved re-circulation, conveying and control systems.New advanced sensors ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Food Sorting Machine

    Food Sorting Machine

    The Genius optical belt sorting machine uses a combination of various sorting technologies to meet the high food safety requirements of the food industry and individual food processors.