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  • The Way A Rice Hull Charcoal Making Machine Could Help You Save Money

    The Way A Rice Hull Charcoal Making Machine Could Help You Save Money

    When grains are harvested, there is nearly always plenty of leftover waste materials. Not merely are there any the stalks of the plants to take into account, but nearly every grain has a hull, or husk, that hard outer shell that protects the inner grain kernel. While small in dimensions, they soon add up to countless a lot of waste annually. Just rice hulls alone are over millions of a lot of ...


  • Maja automatic – Cherry on top

    Maja automatic – Cherry on top

    Poland is one of the main sour cherry producer in Europe and on the world. What do you have to do if want to be successful? Experience, knowledge and appropriate atmospheric conditions is the basis. Innovative approach to carrying out intense cherry ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Double Grid Olive Crusher

    Double Grid Olive Crusher

    For special conditions, e.g. a request for milder oil in order to meet the demands of some customers, Pieralisi recommends a double grid which makes it possible to produce a more mild and delicate olive oil. These crushers are suitable for processing olive cultivars with a high concentration of polyphenols. The crusher reduces their extraction time whilst ensuring an excellent yield even if it is ...