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Olive Harvesting equipment for Horticulture

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    Pieralisi - Hydro-Stone Rake

    The hydro-stone rake is designed to separate rocks, stones when processing olives harvested from the ground at medium-large sized oil mills. The combined action of the stream of water and the special layout of the belt makes it possible to separate the olives from any rocks or other foreign matter. The solid matter is discharged automatically. ...

    By Pieralisi Group based in Jesi, ITALY.

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    Pieralisi - Batch Processing System

    In case of batch processing, the oil coming from each single batch must be kept separated from all the others and identified with the owner. Therefore it is necessary to keep the olives separated during all the processing cycle. In this way each batch will be registered with its own yield and pressing costs. The target of the oil mill is to ...

    By Pieralisi Group based in Jesi, ITALY.

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    Pieralisi - Model Fattoria - Continuous Processing Plant

    Fattoria is the continuous processing plant specially designed by Pieralisi Group to meet the needs of those who wish to process small quantities of olives, but is also suitable for batch processing. This plant is planned for the growers who process limited quantities of top quality olives, whose dream to make their own oil can now become a ...

    By Pieralisi Group based in Jesi, ITALY. from Olive Oil - Continuous System Product line

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    Maja - Model TS - Automatic Harvester

    MAJA harvesters are indispensable machines for collecting sour cherries and plums. Model MAJA AUTOMATIC- TS is equipped with automatic folding and unfolding, telescopic screen. This solution allows to reduce number of operating personnel. Efficient cleaning unit allows collecting high quality of fruits. Used technical solution allows for ...

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    GACEK - Fruit Harvester Machine with Umbrella

    GACEK fruit tree hydraulic shaker is designed for harvesting not only cherries, olives, walnuts but also other stone fruits, for example, plums. The fruits are being strewn from the tree then by the tree shaking machine, all impurities like leaves or twigs are removed with a fan and the fruits are being dumped into boxes or box pallets. In order ...

    By JAGODA JPS Agromachines based in Skierniewice, POLAND. from Fruit Shakers Product line

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    Felix - Model Z - Sour, Cherries and Plums Harvester

    FELIX-Z is full-row trailed harvester for picking up sour cherries and plums in orchards grown in dense rows. Harvesting system with vertical shakers  and efficient cleaning unit guarantees a hight fruit quality.

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    Maja - Sour, Cherries and Plums Shaking Machine

    MAJA is a shaking and cleaning machine trailed to a tractor with hydraulic drives. It has been designed to harvest cherries, plums and other stone fruit growing in orchards cultivated in traditional way. The machine can be used for orchards with any distances between trees in a row. It guarantees almost 100% harvesting efficiency and high quality ...

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    Maja - Model LK - Automatic Harvester

    MAJA AUTOMATIC- LK is the newest model of  MAJA harvester. It is equipped with automatic folding and unfolding arched screen. This solution allows to reduce number of operating personell and the same reduce costs of production.  Shaking and cleaning machine MAJA AUTOMATIC guarantees almost 100% harvesting efficiency and very hight ...

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    Maja - Cherry on top

    Stone fruits producers need high quality machines which affect on productivity growth, optimize and facilitate the whole production process. Shaking and cleaning harvesters MAJA and MAJA AUTOMATIC are for the farmers who run their orchards in a traditional way and to those who put on their intensive development. MAJA harvesters reduce ...

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    Felix - Full Row Self Propelled Harvester

    Full-row self-propelled harvester for picking sour cherries and plums in orchards grown in dense rows. It’s equipped with slidable and comfortable cabin, control panel and video camera system. It guaranteed comfortable work.

  • Asteras Silicon - Olive Harvester

    The olive harvester Asteras Silicon  is a pulsed machine with 2 heads and 16 bars of carbon fiber. The unique arrangement of silicone sticks along with a wide range of Balanced vibration, achieves maximum performance without the slightest damage to the tree.

    By Aggelis based in Nikaia, GREECE.

  • Tekna - Model TK 5000 and TK 6000 - Shakers

    The Shakers is the lightweight and reliable shaker of the VIBROTEK range! This branch shaker separates Olives, Almonds, Pistachios, Walnuts, etc. making them ready to be collected.

    By Tekna Srl based in Ostuni (Brindisi), ITALY.

  • Olivketts - Olive Biomass

    Olive biomass releases considerable energy during its combustion and its calorific value largely exceeds that of other wood or agricultural biomass. Biomass fuels are probably the oldest form of energy sources where organic materials are utilized to generate power. Olive biomass is the solid residue from the production of olive oil.

    By Olivketts Global Energy Ltd based in Vienna, AUSTRIA. from Industrial Products Product line

  • Eco - Model 0158 - Fly Trap

    Eco-friendly trap-bait for control of olive tree fly (Batrocera oleae). It consists of a 15x20 cm green cardboard wrapping with ammoniun bicarbonate (food attractant), externally impregnated with Deltamethrin (insecticide). In order to increase its attraction power, it comes along with a dispenser with a sexual pheromone. It is based on the ...

    By Probodelt based in SPAIN. from Traps Product line

  • Aggelis - Model 1 - Olive Rake Harvester

    AGGELIS 1 is our first olive rake harvester that has been prevailing on the market for 30 years. It is the first alternating motion harvester, patented since 1973, first with an air motor, then an oil one and finally an electric motor. It has been a revolutionary device in the olive harvesting domain, introducing for the first time the pulse ...

    By Aggelis based in Nikaia, GREECE.

  • Aggelis - Model 5 - Pulse Motion Double Head Olive Harvester

    AGGELIS 5 is a pulse motion, double head olive harvester. It is patented by the I.P.O. Prominent amongst its kind due to its special innovations.

    By Aggelis based in Nikaia, GREECE.

  • Campagnola ELEKTRA - Electromechanical Olive Harvester

    ELEKTRA harvesting head is ideal for pruned, or not so thick, trees.  The rakes 'comb' the branches with up to 22 interchangeable teeth made of thermoplastic resins to ensure robustness and flexibility for easy movement among the branches. ELEKTRA employs a design that makes the tool extremely lightweight (it weighs a little ...

    By Campagnola S.r.l. based in Zola Predosa BO, ITALY.

  • NIfada Stick

    Continuing its innovative tradition, YAMASTIK presents “NIfada” olive harvesting rod with a pulsatile-rotatory movement. Offers maximum possible harvesting performance and the most effortless use. Friendly for the tree, it embraces branches, while protecting and preserving leaves.

    By YAMASTIK based in Heraklion, GREECE.

  • Electric Olive/Nut Harvester

    Introduction of Electric Olive HarvesterWR-260 electric olive harvesting machine is specialized designed for picking nuts from the nut tree in the orchard. It is equipped with 12V direct current electrical motor. It’s designed with high strength aluminum metal alloy inside and outside tubes and high strength plastic rakes. Commonlyalmost all the ...

    By Zhengzhou Whirlston Machiner based in Zhengzhou, CHINA.

  • Elektronik - Model SP-08 - Self Propelled Harvesting Machine for Cherry, Plum and Olive

    This machine can be used for harvesting, cleaning and packing stone fruits (cherries, plums, olives …) It is made as self-propelled machine. Two parts of collector form “V” shape around the tree and allow ease harvest without lifting the branches. Other side of collector is carried by the machine (in case that trees are taller ...

    By Elektronik based in Djurinci - Sopot, SERBIA.

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