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Articles & Whitepapers

  • The History of Bottle and Containers – Amphorae and barrels

    Amphorae and barrels From ancient times, amphoras and barrels are the most comonly used containers for transporting water, wine and olive oil. The amphora being porous, has the disadvantage of losing some of its liquids by evaporation. The barrels, meanwhile, give a woody taste to the wine. This taste is certainly appreciated by winemakers, oenologists and sommeliers, on the other hand, they


  • Pieralisi main sponsor of C.R.E.A. Conference

    Olive Oil experts, institutions and important speeches have characterized the day of November 16 inRende (Cs) in occasion of the Calabrian round of study of the National Academy of Olive and Oil of Spoleto, in collaboration with C.R.E.A. (Research ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Fryer Double Grid for Olive Oil production

    Fryer Double Grid for Olive Oil production

    The Pieralisi crusher, rotating grid (2800 rpm) and counter-rotating grid, is the father of all crushers, and even today the only crusher able to guarantee the best yield and quality of oil. The grids with flared holes are easily interchangeable and are available in different hole diameters ranging from 5mm to 8mm with 0.5mm variations depending on the size of the olives and, where necessary, the ...