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  • Helpful Tips to Protect Your Apple Orchards

    Helpful Tips to Protect Your Apple Orchards

    Fall is here and apple orchards are a very popular place to visit with your family and friends. Getting excited to pick a fresh apple and eating a doughnut while drinking apple cider makes anyone excited for fall. But you don’t want the birds ruining your orchard. Learn how you can keep birds away with Avian Control’s tips on how to protect your apple orchards


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  • Tunnel Sprayer

    Tunnel Sprayer

    Plantation spraying procedures are protective treatments of plants against pests and diseases. Spraying bushes on the plantations is one of the key elements of correct maintenance. On the market there are many traditional orchard sprayers that perform well, but if you are looking for a machine that will allow you to decrease the costs, as well as to become independent from wind conditions, a ...