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  • Effect of Ethylene on flowers

    Ethylene also has a harmful effect on cut flowers...Ethylene is an invisible, odour-free gas, ...

  • Growbags (Coco slabs)

    Keeping up with the latest grow techniques and products are probably becoming increasingly ...

  • Ten steps to sell more product now

    In today’s economy, buyers are being far more selective about the purchases they are making. ...


  • Orchid Biology: Reviews and Perspectives X

    Orchid Biology: Reviews and Perspectives X

    This is the 10th volume in a series which was initiated in 1977. Like previous volumes, it contains scientific peer reviewed reviews on topics ...

  • High-Tech and Micropropagation IV

    In continuation from the previous three volumes 17, 18, and 19 on High-Tech and Micropropagation this volume presents 29 chapters on the propagation ...

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  • Botanicoir Ltd

    Botanicoir Ltd

    Botanicoir is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of high quality coir (cocopeat) products, specialising in grow bags and other products for ...